The Importance of Calcium for Dogs

Few factors determine both our pet’s health and nutrition, so covering your nutritional requirements properly is a care that deserves our full attention.

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A dog passes through the years through different vital stages and in each one of them different feeding needs are presented. During the first months of life the nutrients fulfill the important function of facilitating a great development. For this reason, in this article from YourCatCareguide we explain the importance of calcium to puppies .

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Calcium in the dog’s body

Within the different care for the puppy puppies , controlling the feeding of it is one of the most important, since the body of a puppy dog ​​will need all the nutrients.

Among them we can highlight calcium, a mineral that is found in 99% of the skeleton of the dog and that performs important functions for the body of the same:

  • Keeps bones and teeth healthy
  • Intervenes in heart rate regulation
  • It controls the concentration of the liquid in the internal and external environment of the cells
  • It is essential for proper transmission of nerve impulses
  • Maintains blood clotting in normal parameters

The calcium is a mineral that must maintain a proper relationship with the phosphorus and magnesium that can be used by the body. It is therefore recommended that the following balance of quantities be maintained: 1: 2: 1 to 1: 4: 1 (calcium, phosphorus and magnesium).

How much calcium does a dog need?

The dog’s organism faces a long process that will require a lot of energy: its development, not only physical and physiological, but also mental and cognitive. During this process you will need to increase your bone mass as well as the density of it, and will also perform changes in the dental pieces, with calcium being fundamental for these formations.

Therefore, a puppy puppy needs significant amounts of calcium that are much larger compared to the needs of an adult dog:

  • Adult: daily needs 120 mg of calcium per kg of body weight.
  • Puppy: daily needs 320 mg of calcium per kg of body weight.

How does the dog get calcium daily?

If we feed the puppy with specific rations for the first few months of life calcium needs to be assured, however, many dog ​​nutrition experts do not recommend that the puppy be fed solely through commercial preparations. On the other hand, although there are numerous foods that contain calcium and that dogs can eat, carrying out a home diet requires the supervision of a veterinarian.

So what is the best solution? Follow a feeding model using good quality commercial preparations but also suitable home-cooked food for the dog. In addition, it is possible to complement calcium intake with a finely ground egg shell in a coffee grinder, however, we recommend you to refer your dog to the veterinarian or dog nutrition specialist for any questions about feeding your dog. And if you prefer to choose a 100% homemade diet , we advise you to know about all the needs of the dog to offer you a suitable and varied food.

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