The ferret as a pet

The world of pet animals is increasingly diversified, since when it comes to welcoming an animal in our home that can create an emotional bond are innumerable animals that can behave as excellent pets.

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The ferret is a carnivorous mammal that relies on a hunter’s instinct, for this is its nature. However, contrary to what one might think, it was domesticated approximately 2500 years ago with the aim of hunting rabbits.

In this article from YourCatCareguide we talk to you about ferret as a pet and we will try to clarify any doubts you might have about this.

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The nature of the ferret in the domestic sphere

The ferret is an animal that has a great energy and vitality, besides it is an excellent companion animal, because it has a very playful character and likes to share leisure moments with his human family. Obviously, like many other animals, it needs daily presence and dedication.

The interaction of the ferret with its owners will give you great moments, as these animals are as sociable as they are intelligent and their behavior is complex. The ferret can not compare to an animal that needs minimal care, adopting a ferret is similar to sharing the house with a dog or a cat.

The ferret is able to learn his name and respond every time his owner calls him, likewise can adapt to walking on a leash, to remain still on our shoulders and even has the ability to open doors.

If you are looking for a sociable, fun and playful animal , the ferret can be the ideal pet for you.

What does a domestic ferret need?

If you are willing to adopt a ferret as a pet , you must take into account that this animal has basic needs and that it is our responsibility to provide you with an environment in which you can have a full state of well-being.

Before adopting a ferret we recommend that you take into account the following considerations:

  • The ferret needs to have a chipped passport and keep the defined vaccination program up to date.
  • Many people choose to keep the ferret free at home, although it is an animal that can live a cage of appropriate size. Nevertheless, it is essential that the ferret can leave the cage for several hours a day.
  • It is important that the ferret follow a balanced diet , so it is generally recommended to give it a balanced diet specific to this type of animal.
  • The ferret is an innate hunter, we must redouble our precautions if birds or small rodents live in our house.
  • This animal needs periodic baths, can be done every two weeks or even every 2 months, this will depend on the activity of each particular animal. In this case it is necessary to use specific hygiene products for this animal.
  • It is recommended that ferrets be castrated.
  • They need special attention during the summer as they are very likely to suffer from heat stroke.

If you are willing to comply with these basic rules with which any ferret owner should be compromised, then it is time to talk about veterinary care, which is imperative for your ferret.

Veterinary care of domestic ferret

As mentioned above, it is essential that the ferret undergoes a vaccination program starting at 2 months of age and including vaccines against rabies and canine distemper, administration of these should be repeated annually.

The ferret should also periodically submit to preventive measures against the most common diseases in it, such as those used to repel mosquitoes that can transmit heartworm disease.

You should take the ferret to a veterinary center if you suspect a possible pathology or if you notice any of the following symptoms in your ferret:

  • Hair loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Stool evacuation changes

Likewise, it is very important to contact a veterinarian specializing in ferrets so that we can provide the best sanitary attention to our pet.

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