The strength of gorillas

The gorillas are the largest primates that exist and have a DNA very similar to the human. These animals are fascinating and arouse people’s curiosity, since like humans, they have two legs and two arms such as five fingers on their hands and feet and a face that has characteristics very similar to human.

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They are very intelligent animals and also very strong, the proof of this is that a gorilla is able to overturn a banana tree to later be able to feed.

As you can see the gorilla is a very strong animal, it is currently cataloged within the 10 strongest animals in the world in relation to its weight and size. If you want to read more about the strength of gorillas , read on to this article by YourCatCareguide.

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The strength of an adult gorilla

Compared to humans, gorillas are animals that have four to nine times the strength of a normal man. A silver-backed gorilla can raise up to 1800 kilograms dead weight, a properly trained home can lift at most 900 kilograms , half the strength of a gorilla.

An experiment conducted in 1924 showed that an adult gorilla can throw almost 450 kilograms of force, while a normal man achieves a maximum of 100 kilograms, almost five times less than the strength of a gorilla.

Gorillas can show a lot of strength, especially if you take into account certain movements. For example, bamboo-breaking gorillas show a force 20 times greater than that of a normal man , given that they bite the bamboo and that they only talk about the specific movement to break it.

The aggressiveness of a gorilla

Although gorillas are very strong, they do not use their strength to attack other animals or humans. They use only their strength for self-defense or if they feel threatened, as with other animals. Remember that they are vegetarian animals, so do not use your strength to hunt.

Curiosities of the strength of a gorilla

  • Gorillas can weigh between 150 and 250 kilograms, yet they are able to climb trees and change from branch to branch, which demonstrates the incredible strength they have in their arms.
  • The grip strength of the gorilla is so potent that it could easily crush a crocodile.
  • Gorillas use the strength of their arms to walk too, because they do not just depend on their legs to move.

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