The most fun toys for cats

Cats are like children, do not complicate life very much. They have fun with anything that causes them curiosity, moves, and lies. They are more creative than they seem.

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Sometimes we think that we are more pleasing to our pets when we buy them expensive toys, but the truth is that they like simple things (many of them already have at home and cost 0 or are very economical), It is more important to play with them which in fact have a very elaborate toy.

Keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide where we show you the world of the most fun toys for cats . You will see how little he will be very happy!

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Ping-pong balls

These lightweight balls are a great way to keep your cat active and busy because they will be running and jumping all the time. You can use several at the same time, this will drive your cat mad and you will see your feline flying from side to side. They are perfect for hard and smooth surfaces like apartments and houses, not so good for green spaces.

The feathers

Invite your cat to clean the house with you. Felines are lovers of soft feathers; anything that has feathers for them is synonymous with ecstasy. When removing dust from the shelves, play with your cat and tickle it with the pen. The cat hunter instinct makes them aware that there is something special about the feathers and will always feel a great attraction for them. Let him play with his feathers.

The boxes

This is my favorite. Any enclosed space that exists is precisely where the cat will hide and play detective, such as a box or a suitcase. When you bring something new home that comes with boxes, do not throw them in the trash, let your cat play with them a little. For him it will be like a secret and special place back home. What’s no secret is that cats love boxes , small, large, of all kinds!

You can make different homemade toys with cardboard boxes , your cat will love it and your wallet will thank you!

Teddy bears

We do not want to urge our cat to hunt other animals, but we can not deny its animal instinct and then we must say that teddy bears are the cat’s favorite toys. They are economical and can be bought at any pet store. They exist in different colors, sizes and some even make noise when the apeta (this catches the eye and activates the curiosity of the cat). Try one!

Barbecues and ropes

Anything hanging is ideal for the cat sticking its claws. Is the pendulum movement captures your attention. Play with a string all over the house, this is a great way to encourage your cat to play and at the same time invite you to exercise. Supervise this omentum, do not let the cat get tangled up or swallow the rope and end up misunderstanding the joke. The thicker the rope the better.

You can make yourself a toy of these, as well as many other cat toys with recyclable material .

A given …

A recommendation for your cat not to get bored and have things to play, is to go changing the toys. That is, do not remove them all at once. As you see it loses interest it is time to replace the toy. As we mentioned at the beginning, enjoy every moment with your cat and enjoy every opportunity to spend quality time with him.

And remember, cats do not like to play alone , so it’s imperative that you play with it and create a more entertaining and entertaining atmosphere. There are lots of cat jokes !

Oh, and do not forget to continue browsing the Animal Expert to find out more cat toys that you can use to have a good time with him.

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