The 5 freedoms of animal welfare

Do not know what the 5 freedoms of animal welfare are ? Before we start working with a dog thinking that it has possible behavioral problems we should ask ourselves if its 5 freedoms are guaranteed.

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Meeting this basic requirement allows us to measure the level of well-being in our animal and to make sure that, although it shows behavior or otherwise, our pet is mentally well as far as possible and what we can give it.

Do you guarantee the 5 freedoms of animal welfare? Find out later in this article from Animal Expert.

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Free from thirst, hunger or malnutrition

Although it seems to us something unthinkable, that our animals may be thirsty or hungry, in some occasions it may happen without our having noticed it . As?

The water should always be available for your pet including at night, ie before you go to sleep should confirm that the animal has water. In winter and especially if we live in a cold place we should make sure that the top layer of water has not frozen, to prevent this from happening put the water indoors.

As for food, it is important to know what kind of food our pet needs , and it must always be of quality. You may think that it gives you very good and quantity food although in reality this may not be very well. Identify the signs your pet gives you.

Free from discomfort

Comfort is something basic that depends directly on the environment that your pet must have on a daily basis. It should have a comfortable bed, a nest or a playpen where you can relax and unwind, a stable ambient temperature, toys and accessories to distract you as well as the security and tranquility of being in a comfortable place . The older pets will advance as dogs and cats need extra comfort because of their situation and physical condition.

Free from pain and diseases

We can not say that we have a dog that fulfills the 5 freedoms if it has any illness or pain. Remember that although it does not suffer from parasite infection or a serious illness, problems such as canine arthrosis or conjunctivitis in cats can create widespread malaise that will make you act in a less friendly way.

Watch for signs that may indicate malaise on your pet whether it be a cat, dog or even a hamster. It is very important that you review them periodically since they can not tell us that they feel bad .

Freedom to express themselves

The dog should be able to express himself freely in the environment in which he lives and lives, for this reason it is essential to have good communication with our pet and to know what he needs:

  • Let him explore and smell : This will allow him to adapt to the environment in which he lives, to identify the animals that live around him, to be in a certain place, to perform his daily tasks of searching for food (as he would in the nature etc.).
  • Activity: It is very important that your dog can do all the exercise he needs, only that way he will be stress free, happier and more accomplished. It is very important that you respect this point.
  • Contact with people : Dogs that have spent their entire lives with people want to get in touch with them, make them feel socialized and happy. Sometimes they can even generate stereotypies just to pay attention and give them affection. Be sure to pamper your dog, cat or any other animal that is accustomed to your presence and pampering. Failure to do so can create a serious anxiety or depression problem.
  • Contact with other pets : If your pet has coexisted with others of your species or another, you may be depressed if you are alone.

Free from fear and stress

Finally, to finish the list of the 5 freedoms of animal welfare we must make sure that our animal does not suffer from fear or stress , and this is the tricky part to achieve because we do not always know what your fears are, as well being advised that:

  • Do not force yourself to relate if you do not feel like it.
  • Cherish the calm and tranquility
  • Never punish him through physical force
  • Teach him to notice the “NO”
  • Always use positive reinforcement
  • Do not generate situations that make you ill
  • Identify your fears and try to get them to always provide them with a specialist

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