The fox as a pet

There is a tendency in our society that may be wrong, but that is undoubtedly installed in our minds: we like exclusivity, things different from usual. This fact has also reached the world of pet lovers. For this reason, nowadays, many people plan to have a fox as a pet.

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In Animal Expert, for reasons we will explain later, we do not recommend anyone to adopt a fox as a pet .

Continue reading this article from Animal Expert and access to information that is not customary to read in other forums dedicated to the animal world.

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A resounding NO to the purchase of wild animals

Removing any wild animal, in this case a fox, from nature is an aberration in most cases. This action is only acceptable if it is about saving the life of a lost puppy from his mother by accident. Even when that happens, it’s best to take the baby to a wildlife recovery centerrather than stay with it and raise it at home.

Most of us lack the knowledge necessary for this accidental adoption to come to fruition, whether due to food, education or to its concrete needs.

What it’s like to have a fox as a pet

There are farms dedicated to raising foxes to make them expensive pets.

In our opinion, currently these pets are not fully adapted to live with humans. It is true that a fox can be domesticated, as demonstrated by the Russian scientist Dimitry K. Belyaev in the late 1950s.

However, it is not space in this article to report all the complexity of that experiment with foxes, but summarizing the result is as follows:

Starting from 135 foxes coming from fur farming farms, ie not wild foxes, Belyaev succeeded, after several generations of crosses, with a very mild and gentle fox.

The smell of the fox

However, Dimitry K. Belyaev could not eliminate the scent of the foxes and might not be able to do so. Precisely because of this, to the penetrating and fetid odor of the foxes , it is that perhaps in thousands of years the human being has not tried to domesticate the foxes and turn them into pets.

She is an intelligent animal , very handsome and affectionate if she is domesticated , but … Why did not the human being incorporate her in her home, as she did with wild wolves and felines, transforming them into dogs and cats?

Fox Customs

Besides the odor problem, the foxes have other “problems”, one of them is the incompatibility with other pets.

The predatory nature of foxes is annihilating . It is well known that if the foxes enter a chicken coop they exterminate all the chickens, to take only one. This fact makes it very difficult for the fox to coexist with other smaller pets such as cats or small dogs.

Larger dogs are likely to be aggressive against foxes by recognizing this ancestral foe. Another problem is the habit of hiding the carcasses of their prey: rats, rats, birds, etc., to eat them later. We believe that this makes the presence of a fox in any house unfeasible.

Coexistence of foxes with other pets

For all that has been said, it is easy to deduce that even if we want to have a fox as a pet, it is essential that the animal live in a large garden (minimum 250 m2), conveniently fenced and adapted for the fox to feel integrated with its environment.

Still, we will never be sure that our fox does not try to escape. The garden will smell very badly, since the foxes mark their territory with urine and feces. And though the fox is affectionate and wants our affection, a gland in his tail that engages all the hair of the fox, and everything that touches the animal.

A different path

A different path, which we know very superficially, but we take advantage of the circumstance to ask the help of our readers and if they know of any case they let us know, it is the fact that there are people who buy foxes from fur production farms to save them from a certain death.

We do not know if this would be the best way to adopt a fox, even fulfilling all the demanding requirements discussed above.

We know that these poor animals have a very short life, and we must also know that considerable size can be achieved due to genetic manipulation. We know that the price of these animals is one tenth of what fox breeders are asking for as pets.

Our question is: Will these foxes be adopted into puppies, will they have an appropriate character to become pets? Perhaps some reader from the Scandinavian Countries (where there are most parts of these farms) can tell us about the experiences of people who have tried to save foxes from these farms by turning them into pets.

We hope for your comments to complete this information.

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