The fastest dogs in the world

There are many canine breeds in the world with different morphologies, temperaments, characteristics and different qualities and peculiarities that diversify each breed. If the quality on which we wish to inform us is the speed, no doubt we are referring to different breeds of Greyhounds or Lebréis.

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The fact that the greyhounds are dolichocephalous (narrow and elongated heads), instead of being like other canine races, which are brachycephalous (short and broad heads), was the main ration that guided them to speed. This cranial feature gives them a stereoscopic view (high-resolution vision) that other canine breeds do not have.

Wolves also have this extraordinary degree of vision. We can conclude that if you want to chase after a prey you have to see very well where you will take the next steps to achieve your goal faster.

So, if you want to meet the fastest dogs in the world , in YourCatCareguide we will provide you with a list of all of them.

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Greyhound English

The English Greyhound is considered the fastest dog in the world in short races. The origins of the English Greyhound are very imprecise, but it is believed that through crosses it has evolved into a magnificent and athletic animal. It can reach 72 km / h .

At first the English Greyhounds (like all other greyhound breeds) were used for hunting by royalty. Over time they were joining these animals to the world of greyhound racing, which involve large sums of money.

Luckily it is more and more frequent to see sensitive people who adopt greyhounds as pets and not as money making machines. Greyhounds are loyal, caring, kind, and obedient companions. They are, without a doubt, great pets.

Spanish Greyhound

The Spanish Greyhound is a pure breed of the Iberian Peninsula. It is an ancestral breed, which experts say is from the hunting dogs of the courts of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

He is an exceptionally athletic dog, capable of running at 60 km / h . It is likely to be the best known dog in all of Spain, since it is used in various hunting and sporting modalities. Sadly, in the Spanish rural populations, these poor dogs are abnormally ill-treated.

Fortunately there are associations that protect animal rights, and it is increasingly common to see that there are families who take the dogs that have been exploited to their homes.

Saluki the ancestral greyhound

The Saluki is a dog with a great history. This breed was the dogs that the Egyptian pharaohs used in their journeys of greater hunting. It is known that since 2000 years before C. there are inscriptions on the tombs of pharaohs who speak of this ancient breed of hound.

Experts say that the Saluki is descended from the wolves of the Ara desert . Today the Bedouins use the Saluki as a dog to hunt gazelles and also as pets that enjoy much. It is an ancestor of the Spanish Greyhound.

Afghan Hound

The Afghan Greyhound is the dog capable of running at the highest speeds among the rocks, crevices and obstacles of the Afghan wild mountains. Apart from its extraordinary sight that allows you a clear view of your environment, the Afghan Hound has a physical characteristic that distinguishes it from other dogs: their kneecaps.

The structure of the Afghan Hound labels allows the lower part of its strong legs to rotate asymmetrically and individually. In this way, the Afghan Hound places on the road each of its four legs in the best position on the ground. For this reason, this dog can chase without hesitation the mountain goats in the Afghan hills. It is a larger hunting dog, of which its tendency in the climate and radical terrain of Afghanistan is highly valued.

Elsewhere in the world, the Afghan Greyhound considers himself a “master,” when in fact his extraordinary beauty and traits conceal the ruthless hunter he is in reality.

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