Communication of dolphins

You’ve probably heard the whistling and wheezing dolphins some time, whether we were lucky enough to see them in person or in some documentary. They are not simple sounds, it is a very complex system of communication .

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The ability to speak exists only in animals whose brain weighs more than 700 grams. In the case of the dolphins, this organ can weigh up to two kilos and, moreover, they were found to have silent regions in the cerebral cortex, of which there was only evidence that existed in humans. All this indicates that the whistles and sounds emitted by the dolphins are more than mere meaningless noises.

In the year 1950, John C. Lilly began to study dolphin communication more seriously than ever before and discovered that these animals communicate in two ways: through echolocationand through a verbal system . If you want to discover the secrets about dolphin communication keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide.

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The echolocation of dolphins

As we mentioned, dolphin communication is divided into two different systems, one of which is echolocation. The dolphins emit a kind of whistles that work in a manner similar to the sonar of a boat. Thanks to this, they can know how far they are from objects , besides the size, shape, texture and density they have.

The ultrasonic whistles that emit, which are inaudible to the human, collide with the objects around them and return a perceptible echo to the dolphins, even in really noisy environments. Thanks to this they can be guided by the sea and avoid being the meal of a predator.

The language of dolphins

It has also been discovered that dolphins have the ability to communicate orally with a sophisticated verbal system. This is the way these animals have to talk to each other, whether in the water or outside.

Some studies argue that the communication of dolphins goes further and that they have specific sounds to warn of the danger or that there is food, and that sometimes they are really complex. Moreover, it is known that when they meet they greet each other with a certain vocabulary, as if using proper names.

There is some research that states that each group of dolphins has its own vocabulary. This was discovered thanks to studies in which different groups of the same species joined, but they did not mix. Scientists believe it is because of their inability to understand each other, since each group develops a language that is incomprehensible to others, as is the case with humans from different countries.

These findings, along with the other curiosities of the dolphins , show that these cetaceans have an intelligence far superior to most animals.

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