Do dogs predict pregnancy?

Much has been said about the sixth sense that animals possess, which on numerous occasions abruptly alter their behavior for a reason that we are not able to understand. He believes that this happens because the animals have an extra sense that in the human being seems dormant, and therefore, they are able to perceive that which our mind does not get to grasp.

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A sample of this astounding sense is the prediction of natural disasters , which not only affects dogs but also a great diversity of species. For example, before the tsunami struck Sri Lanka, which would destroy much of the island, several animals (rabbits, hares, monkeys, elephants, among others) sought refuge on higher ground, surprising not?

Observing these behaviors in animals, especially when we live with them, we can ask several questions that are difficult to answer when there are few scientific studies about them. However, in this Animal Expert article we try to answer the following question: Do dogs predict pregnancy ?

The possibility of dogs detecting a pregnancy

Nowadays (and a lot) of inter-species communication is talked about, referring to a fantastic ability of animals that allows them to communicate from the depths of their being with any other species. When reading this many people are perplexed and on several occasions, unbelievers, but why not? It is said that the dog is man’s best friend and I believe that any dog ​​lover shares this opinion.

This popular saying that has perpetuated itself over time has taken root so deeply in mankind because of the behaviors that are observed on numerous occasions and which are surprising, for example, when a dog howls relentlessly because its owner died, although the animal is not present at that moment, is able to perceive it.

And just as they are able to predict natural disasters, they are also very sensitive to what happens in their environment and detect when things are not going well and the environment is not in harmony. So they are animals so susceptible to changes in their surroundings that they could have predicted perfectly when a woman in the family became pregnant and could predict it before any manifestation of pregnancy.

Detection of pregnancy is not such a mysterious question

When one speaks of the sixth sense of the animals the conversation quickly acquires a mystical connotation, however, it is not as esoteric as it may seem.

Currently some dogs are the best nurses of people who suffer from diabetes since they are able to detect the physiological changes that occur when the body goes into a state of lack of blood glucose. These dogs not only warn the diabetic, but can also bring the material needed to resolve the situation.

During pregnancy there are numerous physiological changes and dogs detect this , hence the fact that they can predict when a woman is in the gestation period.

How does a dog detect pregnancy?

The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy change the body’s scent, this is not perceptible to us, but dogs can detect this clearly and change their behavior, sometimes becoming jealous or overly protective.

As the pregnancy advances the dog will also notice that the woman is more sensitive, more tired and is making changes in her surroundings.

We can conclude that both female intuition and the sixth sense of dogs are on many occasions the best tools for detecting a pregnancy.

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