Do dogs feel love?

Saying that dogs feel love is a rather complex statement, even if you have a pet say that dogs feel love and that they understand human emotions. There are those who say they are ” humanizations ” since dogs can not feel. But, who has never seen your dog approach when they notice that we are sad or sick? Who has not had your dog all day in bed when you were sick?

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Although the experience of pet owners is important, science has wanted to check the brain’s functioning of the animals in the face of stimuli such as laughter or crying of the owners and to determine if there is indeed a recognition of human emotions.

So we said that the question is very broad, but in Animal Expert we will try to answer that question. Do dogs feel love? And we promise that at the end of this article will be amazed!

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The dogs feel

Those who have a pet at home may have asked more than once that dogs really feel like us , but they must have noticed that it is not a question, but a statement. We can state scientifically that dogs have different feelings like jealousy, sadness and happiness. But let’s go in parts.

When we cry or are sick we notice that our dog is always by our side. Until some time ago the scientists defended that the dogs did this out of curiosity and not because they felt our sensations at that moment.

However, several studies have undertaken to demonstrate that this belief is false. First began a doctor at the University of Atlanta studying the reaction of the canine brain to the odors of people known and unknown. It has been proven that a region known as the caudate nucleus, which also exists in humans, is related to love, representing in our dog the smell of the house or tranquility.

To differentiate between crying and laughter, he undertook a University of Budapest through MRI in dogs and humans at the same time. They have come to the conclusion that the dog even differentiates when we are happy or not , approaching to share his affection when noting that something is not well.

The dogs understand the human cry

Earlier, we said that dogs can differentiate between crying and human laughter. But what brings them closer when we are sad?

The same doubt arose a few years ago in the Department of Psychology of a University of London. They evaluated a group of dogs with their owners and people they had never seen before. They noticed that before a group of people talking normally and another crying, the dogs approached the second group to have physical contact with them, regardless of whether they were unknown to them.

This has surprised many of the psychologists who have been able to demonstrate that our dogs are able to know when we are sad and want to be close to us to give us their unconditional support.

Does my dog ​​love me?

That we love our dog is more than obvious. That we always want your company and share many things with it, too. But we liked to understand your language correctly to make sure our dog feels the same. There are some postures that show us that the dog feels the same love by knot, just have to know how to read:

  • Move your tail and get emotional when you see us, sometimes getting to lose a bit of pee due to the excitement.
  • It is on our side when we are not healthy and happy. Take care of us.
  • Do not miss the opportunity to lick us.
  • It calls our attention to play, to go out or to eat.
  • It follows us in all our movements, whether with the look or walking.
  • Sleep as close as we can get.

I think there is no doubt, our dogs feel an immense and unconditional love for us. Just remember the old saying: “the eyes are the window of the soul”.

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