Can dogs get to watch TV?

Did you know that in Germany there is a television channel for dogs ? It’s not about dogs, it’s about dogs. It is called DogTV and on the day of its launch it was estimated that about seven million dogs were likely to be attracted to the programming made especially for them.

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According to Nicholas Dodman, veterinary professor at Tufts University (USA), the channel’s goal was to alleviate the annoyance the pet can feel when alone at home.

But before that, it would be good to clarify the question of whether dogs can watch TV , do not worry that in the following article of ExpertAnimal we give you all the answers about this canine curiosity.

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Can dogs watch TV or not?

The answer to this question is yes and no . Dogs and cats have different eyes from ours, they are more accurate. They capture the movement better than the human eye. This difference is what motivates us when we talk about television.

Television are images that occur one after the other at a very great speed. This speed is what fools our vision and makes it look like we see movement. For humans to realize this sense of movement, the images should go at a speed of 40 hz (images per second). In contrast, animals require that the speed in succession is at least 75 hz .

A normal modern television reaches 300 hz (there are those that reach 1000 hz), but the old televisions reach 50 hz. Can you imagine how boring it must be for your pet to watch tv and see a succession of slow images? It is normal that they did not pay attention to them.

Another factor that influences dogs to watch television is the height they are in . Televisions are always placed so that they are at the level of our eyes while we are sitting. For your pet it would be quite uncomfortable to have to be looking all day up.

Have you ever been in the front row of a movie theater? If so, then you know what I’m referring to.

It is normal that they are not interested because the programming is not done for them . Many owners ensure that their pets react when they see a dog on television; on the contrary, a drawing or a static image of a dog does not pay attention. They are able to perceive the difference.

How would an ideal television for dogs

It should have the following characteristics :

  • Have more than 75hz.
  • To be located at a height of the dog’s eyes.
  • Send programs in which dogs see other animals, cats, birds, sheep, …

According to DogTv channel officials, dogs can not only entertain themselves by watching television, but this also brings them benefits . They have three types of content: the relaxants, the stimulants and the reinforcers of behaviors.

The channel says a dog will lessen separation anxiety by watching the relaxing content. Stimulants serve to encourage and develop the mind of the pet. Finally, we have the reinforcers.

DogTv officials give the following example: a dog watching television on other dogs chasing after a ball will increase its own learning in the game with the ball.

Myths about the vision of dogs

  • The dogs come in white and black: Lie . They can see colors, but not as many shades as humans. In fact, they are able to recognize blue, yellow and variants of gray. They come in the colors green, red and orange as shades of yellow.
  • The dogs come in the darkness: True . The pupil may dilate much more to absorb a greater amount of light, but it also has a special patina of cells to improve your vision at night. This layer is at the bottom of the retina, it is also the cause of the dog’s eyes shining in the darkness when they are illuminated.
  • Finally, another curiosity. The visual field of the dogs is different. Objects less than 30 centimeters from your face are blurred . So they need to smell everything. In addition, your peripheral vision is much better.
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