Do dogs also have cramps?

Humans are not the only ones suffering from cramps. Among the wild animals do not usually happen, but among the more sedentary pets , in this case our dogs, their appearances are not so rare after an excessive exercise.

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Understanding that dogs also have cramps, or worse, finding out that our best friend is suffering from one, is a clear sign that they need a more active lifestyle.

If you worry if dogs also have cramps , in the Animal Expert through this post we will answer you with various reasons in the affirmative.

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Why do cramps occur in dogs?

An untrained dog that undergoes a strong and sudden exercise will most likely have cramps.

Hunting dogs for example, at the beginning of the hunting season, usually suffer some cramp. After a few months of stop, these dogs undergo a sudden brutal exercise at the beginning of the new hunting season. Other dogs that suffer from cramp are greyhounds.

The process of cramps

After the sudden and continuous efforts the dogs are reluctant to move, since they are sore as a consequence of the persistent cramps .

Cramps are a consequence of subjecting the muscle to unprepared exertions. This produces micro muscular injuries that provoke inflammation and irritations in the muscular fibers and consequent throbbing pain characteristic of the cramps.

How to prevent, fight and avoid cramps in dogs?

1. Hydration

Because cramps are a consequence of too much exercise, dehydration is naturally present in these circumstances.

The dehydration is very dangerous for dogs, since your body regulates itself its temperature by panting, as they can not perspire through their skin. It is very important that under any circumstances dogs have water at their fingertips.

In case of dehydration in full exercise can suffer painful cramps, suffer a heat stroke and even die. If dogs will do a strenuous exercise for hours, it will be convenient to add glucose to the water .

2. Quality food

proper nutrition and weight adjusted to the standard of the canine race in question are essential to prevent cramps in dogs. It is also very important for the correct elimination of cramps, if they arise, that the dog’s feeding is completely balanced. Correct nutrition is an important axis on which canine health runs.

3. Previous exercise

To avoid injuries and unwanted cramps, it is convenient to exercise dogs regularly. The regular training is the best preventive manner to alleviate the cramps and its complications.

All canine breeds should walk around enough and practice the exercise indicated for each of them. Discover the top exercises for adult dogs out there and start shaping your dog before undergoing intense physical exercise.

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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