Do dogs dream too?

Surely you’ve wondered what dogs dream about when they’re asleep. It is not strange to see the dogs stirring their paws or barking while they sleep, because it is a habitual behavior at night and that makes us think of the following question: Do dogs also dream?

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Of course dogs also dream, just like we do or many other species of mammals, but throughout this article we will explain some curiosities and other details of your dog’s dream, something you will like to know. Continue reading this article by YourCatCareguide and discover with us.

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Dogs dream when they sleep.

As with humans, the dog also achieves a deep sleep step called REM . During the Rapid Eye Movement the body is inactive but the neurons work hard and that’s when the dogs dream .

This particular phase of the dream allows any animal to remember the experiences lived in his brain and allows him to remember everything he did during the day.

Of course, no one can state exactly what a dog’s exact dreams are, but if we look at his brain with an electroencephalogram we could detect brain activity very much like the human being.

Do they have nightmares?

According to the behavior pattern of the human brain during the REM phase, we could determine in some way that the dog dreams of the experiences that it has lived during the day or with others by which it has passed. So if your dog has suffered at some point in your life from a negative experience (something normal) it may happen to dream about it and be frightened and fearful.

We should avoid waking him during his nightmare to avoid a startle or a redirected bite. If you see that your dog has nightmares very often and unusual, we recommend that you consult a specialist to rule out any health problem.

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