The coral snake as a pet

The snake coral is a very poisonous snake of red, black and yellow colors. It is very famous in the United States for its powerful poison and also for the great amount of tricks that have been created to distinguish it from the real scarlet, non-poisonous, that mimics to look like her and thus to avoid the attacks of the predators. Then you can read more information about the coral snake as a pet .

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Basic Needs of the Coral Snake

If you are determined to acquire a coral snake as a pet, you must first know your physical needs to be able to meet and have a healthy copy.

What does a coral snake eat?

In the wild, the coral snake feeds on frogs, geckos and other snakes of smaller size than it. For this reason, in captivity we must provide you with small rat pups (it is not necessary that it be live food).

What terrarium do I need for my coral snake?

A baby coral that is only 15 centimeters is already highly poisonous and will grow to about five feet in length if you’re lucky. For this we must have a terrarium of at least 100 x 60 x 90 cm. They are nocturnal and solitary snakes that spend most of the day hidden between the cloak of the jungle and on tree trunks.

Create an appropriate environment with your trunks and vegetation, add gravel to the bottom and even create a burrow. Remember that snakes are adept at escaping and any hole they can forget will be perfect for their escape.

The temperature should be between 25ºC and 32ºC and the light must be natural (it needs periods of 10 to 12 hours of light while at night it can remain dark). Finally, add a water cooler for reptiles that you can find at any specialized store.

Care of the coral snake

As care we can comment that all your basic needs , detailed in the previous point must be completely guaranteed. Neglecting the temperature, water or light can suppose the death of the coral snake, which requires constant attention.

In times of molting the snake loves to rub against the stones of its terrarium to eliminate dead skin.

You should have the contact of a specialist, who will tell you how much time you should visit to see what state your health is in.

The bite of the coral snake

The coral snake is a beautiful but deadly animal. Its effects can begin to develop until after twelve hours, in which we begin to feel failures in the connections with the brain and muscles, failures in the speech and double vision. Death can be caused by heart or respiratory failure.

Although you feel the urge to do so or think that your reflexes are slow, if you are not an expert in the care and handling of snakes you should not touch them under any circumstances.

What happens if the coral snake bites me?

Although your bite may be lethal to man, if left untreated, do not worry, since 1967 there is the antidote to your poison. In any case, we advise you to let your friends or family know before buying a coral snake and alert them to biting. Do not wait a second and go to the hospital. Keep in mind that according to the metabolism of each person the poison acts more or less fast, do not play with your health.

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