The change of hair in ferrets

Did you know that ferrets undergo a change of hair? Ferrets such as mustelids generally change their hair depending on the season in which they will enter. Obviously, this change is much more noticeable in wildlife than in captivity for commercial purposes. The reason is that their existence develops in the open air.

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Continue reading this article from Animal Expert to know all about hair change in ferrets .

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The change of hair in domestic ferrets

Ferrets change their hair four times a year . The best hair quality appears in early winter when the first molt happens and the hair looks more beautiful.

As spring approaches the hair begins to fall to face the next warm period. When the summer arrives they lose much more for the cooling to the maximum. Beginning the fall the ferret begins to repopulate its pleo and restarts the natural process of hair dumb.

Domestic ferrets also have hair changes, but much softer than their wild relatives, whose lives are exposed to much more radical temperature changes.

Ferret Hair Brushing

The ferret is a mustelid . Therefore, it is an animal with the aggressiveness of the said species. Fortunately for humans, such ferocity is wisely limited by Mother Nature, and the ferret is one of the less ferocious.

The domestic ferret furthermore is born captive and is accustomed to contact with humans from the first moment. Although its energy charge should not be overlooked.

For all this, this information should alert us to its correct handling during brushing. We should not hurt you with the incorrect brush or combs, or with an excess of force that causes them discomfort.

If we manipulate it incorrectly, the ferret will have no hesitation in returning it in the same coin and giving it a painful bite with its sharp teeth.

It is convenient to brush frequently and use a soft bristle brush. First brush it counterclockwise with short strokes and twist the wrist slightly to lift dead hair.

As soon as the preliminary brushing is finished, brush again but this time in the direction of the hair, gently and with longer strokes.

Ferret hair loss due to other causes

Ferrets may even lose their hair for other reasons. Poor diet is the usual cause. Ferrets are carnivorous and need a diet in which a percentage between 32-38% should be animal protein. They need a quantity of animal fats of 15-20%.

Proteins of plant origin, such as soy, are not metabolized correctly by the ferret organism. The vet can inform you properly about the specific feeding of your ferret. It is dangerous to overfeed them.

Another reason the ferret can suffer an anomalous loss of hair is that the animal does not sleep properly. The ferret is twilight, that is, its maximum activity develops from dusk to dawn. During the 10-12 hours you sleep, you need to be in absolute darkness to absorb the melanin necessary to your health. If you sleep improperly you may have an upset disorder that causes you to die.

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