Is the Boxer a Dangerous Dog?

Boxer dogs are very popular but may seem a bit intimidating, so some people question whether Boxer is a dangerous dog before adopting a puppy of this breed. He is an athletic and powerful dog, an instinctive guard dog, very protective of his family. However, they are not known as dogs prone to aggression or bad character.

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Are you thinking about adopting a dog and one of your options is Boxer? In this article of YourCatCareguide we will tell you about this breed and clarify your doubts, you will see how you will fall in love.

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The Boxer Story

The Boxer is a German breed that set its standard in the nineteenth century. According to the FCI (International Cynological Federation), the predecessor of the Boxer was the Bullenbeisser, a dog of the molosso type that has its origins in the remote Assyrian period, 2000 BC

Most molosso type dogs, such as the Bullenbeisser, were used as dogs for fighting and hunting larger between the 12th and 14th centuries, but it was not until the 19th century that they realized that they were dogs intelligent and curious who could be useful in addition to hunting and fighting.

It is then when the Boxer begins to be used as guard dog of houses, farms and cattle. Even today we can observe that it is a race with a natural instinct for vigilance , it is not surprising to hear him barking to warn that someone approaches the property that he considers his own.

In 1895, breeder Friedich Roberth first founded the “Munic Bòxer Club” and ruled the breed standard. In the twentieth century, the Boxer stood out as a military dog ​​in World War I, in tasks such as sniper tracking, but was no longer used for this purpose in World War II, being replaced by the German Shepherd . From then on, Boxer has become a very habitual dog in houses around the world because his personality, intelligence and characteristics have turned him into the ideal companion animal.

Why is Boxer called this?

There are several theories that explain why the Boxer gets its name:

  • The first one states that the name Boxer (which means boxer in English) was given to them because they usually use the front paws with great skill. They also have the habit of sitting on their hind legs and raising their front paws like a boxer.
  • Another theory states that the word “Boxer” describes a pure breed with irony, since the word boxl or boxel , translates as “mestizo.”

The breed’s temperament

Undoubtedly Boxer is not a dangerous dog , in fact, it is one of the best breeds of puppies for children . If you check your temperament, you will observe how loyal animals are, devoted to your family and very affectionate. He is known as the “eternal cub”, because even in his last period of life the Boxer surprises with his enthusiastic and cheerful attitude.

As we mentioned before, the Boxer dog usually has an alert and protective instinct, although generally they are very friendly animals , even with strangers. They place great trust in their human family, who follow blindly and obediently.

They have an active and fun personality . They like to play and perform tricks all day, being a bit scandalous. They are bright animals that have a higher level of reasoning than other races. It’s good to keep them occupied because they get bored easily and can turn into rather shabby dogs if they do not mentally stimulate them. You can trust them all the time, your temper is firm and you enjoy being part of the family.

In addition, Boxers need a lot of human attention, not dogs to leave home alone for many hours. Unlike other breeds, they need regular companionship and constant training. Although they are very intelligent dogs, they can also be a little stubborn, so educating them with conviction and love will be fundamental to have a great companion with you .

Boxer’s education and its importance

The very nature of Boxer dogs makes them not aggressive or dangerous dogs, despite their past as fighting dogs. However, they are nervous and excitable dogs , which can get a bit rough when they play. Considering this point, it is always appropriate to supervise the play with the little ones at home.

In addition, it is very important to note that Boxers are very special puppies with the children, since they usually adapt very well to the energy of the little ones, becoming faithful companions of games and tricks, especially if the dog is at home since he is a cub.

Like other canine races, the Boxer could attack another person in special circumstances, for example if he detected a threat to him or his human family. For this reason, it is important to remember that the puppy’s personality will also depend on his education .

Dogs that are aggressive are either raised for defense and attack (no experience or supervision of a professional), have traumas (fear or poor socialization) or learn the aggressiveness of their environment. Poor education, lack of love, poor care and lack of proper training can lead to dangerous Boxer dogs, even knowing that the breed is considered safe and reliable. On the contrary, educating a Boxer dog in a positive and regular manner will help us have an obedient, good and stable companion on our side.

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