The 10 largest animals in the world

On our planet there are millions of species of animals and, in fact, many are still unknown. Throughout history humans have been struggling to discover all the secrets and all the wonders the planet Earth has to show us, and perhaps one of the things that has surprised us the most is always the large animals, those who think and feel a mixture of wonder and respect.

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So, in this article of Animal Expert we will unveil the 10 largest animals in the world . Keep reading and be amazed at the size and weight of these colossi living with us.

The blue whale

The blue whale or Balaenoptera musculus , is not only the largest animal in the ocean, but also the largest living animal on Earth today. This marine mammal can reach up to 30 meters in length and weigh up to 150 tons, this is a surprising fact if we think about the feeding of the blue whale, as these whales feed mainly on krill .

Although known as a blue whale, its large, long body often has several shades ranging from a dark blue to a light gray. Unfortunately, these fantastic animals that vocalize under water to communicate with each other, are in danger of extinction due to their indiscriminate hunting in some parts of the world.

The Common Whale

Another of the world’s animals that also inhabits the ocean is the common whale or Balaenoptera physalus , in fact, is the second largest animal on our planet. This marine animal can reach a length of 27 meters, and the largest specimens can weigh more than 70 tons.

The common whale has a gray color on the top and a white color underneath, it feeds mainly on small fish, squid, crustaceans and krill. Due to the intensive hunting that existed to this animal during century XX, nowadays the common whale is considered an endangered species.

The giant squid

There is a debate among scientists specializing in these animals as to whether there is only one species of giant squid or Architeuthis or if there are up to 8 different species of this animal. These animals that inhabit the depths of the ocean are one of the 10 largest animals in the world, since according to scientific records the largest specimens ever found were a giant squid female that measured 18 meters and was found on the coast of Nova Zealand in the year 1887 and also a male of 21 meters in length with 275 kg.

Nowadays the most habitual sizes that register in this marine animal are of 10 meters the males and of 14 meters the females. For all this, the giant squid is considered one of the largest animals in the world.

Whale shark

Among the largest animals in the world could not miss a shark, more specifically the whale shark or Rhincodon typus which is the largest shark there is. This shark inhabits the warm seas and oceans in tropical areas, but has also been sighted in some slightly cooler waters.

The whale shark’s diet is based on krill, phytoplankton and wings, although they also usually eat small crustaceans. Locate your food through olfactory signals. This animal species is also considered as an endangered species.

The white shark

The white shark or Carcharodon carcharias is one of the largest animals in the world that inhabits the warm waters of almost the entire world. This animal that causes fear and at the same time admiration in many people, is considered one of the largest fish in the world and at the same time is also considered as the largest predator fish. It can usually measure up to 6 meters in length and weigh more than 2 tonnes. One curious fact about this animal is that females are always larger than males.

In the last decades the fishing of this shark has increased and this means that, although it is a species widely distributed all over the world, it considers itself a vulnerable species, approaching more and more of the degree of threatened species.

The elephant

In the terrestrial plane of our planet we find the largest animal that is elephant or Elephantidae , since it measures up to 3.5 meters in height and up to 7 meters in length, reaching between 4 and 7 tons. In order to achieve such weight, these animals should ingest a minimum of 200 kg of leaves per day .

There are many curiosities of the elephant, such as the characteristics of its trunk with which it reaches the highest leaves of the trees to feed and its long horns. In addition, due to their physical attributes, elephants are well known for their excellent memory, in fact their brain can weigh up to 5 kg.

The giraffe

The giraffe or Giraffa camelopardalis is another of the largest terrestrial animals in the world, more for its height than its weight, since they can reach almost 6 meters in height and weigh between 750 kg and 1.5 tonnes.

There are many curiosities about giraffes , such as brown spots on their fur and their tongue, which can measure up to 50 cm. In addition, it is one of the most widespread African animals on the continent, that is, the concern with its existence in the immediate future is less.

To anchor egg juices

Another terrestrial animal that enters the list of the biggest animals in the world is a snake, we are talking about anacondas or Eunectes that can measure 8 meters or more and weigh almost 200 kg.

This giant snake inhabits mainly in the hydrographic basins of South America, more concretely in Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and Peru. It usually feeds on capybaras, birds, pigs, alligators and eggs of various animals.

The crocodile

Although there are 14 different species of crocodiles , there are some really impressive specimens. The crocodiles or Crocodylidae are large reptiles, in fact, the largest crocodile ever recorded was a marine specimen found in Australia and measured 8.5 meters long and weighed more than 1.5 tons.

The crocodiles are now in a relatively stable position on a scale that measures the conservation status of the species. These reptiles both live in and out of water, so they feed on aquatic animals and those that come too close to the waters they inhabit.

The polar bear

The polar bear, white bear or Ursus maritimus is another of the 10 largest animals in the world. These bears can reach almost 3 meters in length and can weigh more than half a ton.

They are carnivorous animals and therefore polar bear feeding is based on both fish and other animals that inhabit the pole such as seals, walruses, among others. It is now considered that the white bear is in a vulnerable situation.

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