The Big Five of Africa

Most likely you’ve heard of the big five in Africa or ” The Big Five “, wildlife animals of the Africansavannah. They are large, powerful and strong animals that have become popular since the first safaris.

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In this article of the YourCatCareguide we will describe these five animals explaining to you a little how each one is and what you should know if you plan to take a trip to meet them in person.

Keep reading to get to know and enjoy along with us the five great ones of Africa and let yourself be surprised by the beauty that inspires the animal world.

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1. The elephant

The African elephant or Loxodonta africana is undoubtedly worthy of appearing as one of Africa’s big five because of its large size. They can reach up to 7 meters in length and weigh up to 6 tons, a great record.

It lives in the African savannah and unfortunately its survival is threatened due to the trade of its prey. Currently, while attempts are being made to crack down on poaching, elephant killings in Africa are still continuing.

Although their intelligence and emotional abilities are very well known to make them a very sensitive and beautiful animal, the fact is that the wild elephant is a very dangerous animal, because when they feel threatened they can react with very sudden movements and invested fatal to a human.

2. The buffalo

In the African savannah we find the buffalo or Syncerus caffer , one of the animals most feared both by other wild animals and by people. It is organized in herds of several individuals and they are gregarious being always in constant movement.

They are very brave animals that defend each other without fear, are capable of provoking great tumults in the face of a threat.

For this reason the buffalo has always been an animal very respected by the native populations. The inhabitants and guides of the African routes usually use necklaces that emit sounds that the buffalo identify as something to try to minimize the sensation of risk for them.

3. The leopard

The African leopard or Panthera pardus pardus is one of the most beautiful animals on earth and unfortunately finds itself in critical danger of extinction .

It can reach to the 190 centimeters and 90 kilograms of weight which gives them an incredible strength even managing to hunt young copies of giraffe or antelopes.

This member of the Big Five of Africa is an animal to which we must show respect since it is active 24 hours a day and there is no possibility of escape from it: it is capable of climbing, running and swimming.

4. The rhinoceros

We found two types of rhinos in the African savanna, the white rhinoceros ( Ceratotherium simum ) and the black rhinoceros ( Diceros bicornis ), the latter being in danger of critical extinction. Nowadays the hunting and trade of rhinoceros horns is forbidden, but as always the poachers are always in search of this incredible and great animal.

They are very large animals, can measure up to two meters in height and weigh 1,500 kilograms. Although this member of Africa’s five greats is herbivorous, it must be highly respected since an onslaught can be fatal to anyone.

5. The lion

The lion or Panthera leo is the animal with which we close the big five of Africa. No doubt we all know this great and powerful mammal that surprises us by its beauty and by the long hours that it devotes to the sleep every day.

It is the females that are dedicated to hunting prey, whether zebras, wildebeest or wild boar, any one is valid for this great predator. It is also threatened as a vulnerable animal.

One detail that few people know is that the lion and the hyenas are rivals that fight each other for the hunt, and although one can usually think that the hyena is a scavenger and opportunist, the truth is that it is the lion that often acts as an opportunist stealing food from hyenas .

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