The Best Toys for Cats

Cats are very active animals that need to exercise daily, a good option for them is finding toys for catsbecause besides stimulating their physical and mental activity, they have fun.

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we offer you some toys for cats with very different characteristics so that you can decide and can guide when buying one. Keep reading to find out the best toys for cats .

Remember that although the cat may play alone at home when you are not present, it is important that you also actively participate in the play. Otherwise, the cat will become depressed.

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Benefits of Toys for Cats

Toys prevent the cat from getting bored, as well as help prevent behavioral problems by helping to develop intelligence and personality. Must be very clear that a cat that does not have fun is a sad cat.

A feline in freedom hunts several prey over the course of a day but our cat does not need to hunt to eat, needs to chase objects to live in line with its nature and maintain its psychological health in perfect condition. Cat toys teach us how to learn and solve simple problems, which helps a lot in your mental development.

The keys to a hunter are sight, ear and touch and a suitable toy for a cat should work all these senses. However, not all cat toys we find for sale fulfill these functions. Then we explain to you a little how the toys for cats should be and how we should use them with our cat.

The Classic Mouse

This is a fairly usual toy that we can find in any pet store. It is true that you can amuse your cat for a while, but in general usually annoy your cat. To improve the experience we recommend that you pull it out so your cat catches it and so on.

Soft toys

Teddies, unlike the classic mouse, are usually larger and the cat perceives them differently. You can leave one in your bed or in your favorite playground so that you can enjoy a soft and soft “mattress” that you can hug.

Wool Balls

Wool balls are a lot of fun for the cat, basically because the cat will get stuck in them whether or not the nails are well filed. For some cats it is a fun and entertaining option but for others it is quite stressful to have their claws caught on this object. Help him get out of this mess if he sees that he is restless.

This is not the best option as a toy but some cats may like wool balls.


Balls, and especially those that have incorporated feathers, are usually more fun as they move in the slightest movement. Help them to stimulate their sense of hearing and also encourages them to hunt, a natural behavior of cats that we should stimulate on a regular basis.

Intelligence games

There is more and more variety of intelligence games for cats, adapted to different ages and with different goals. Intelligence games have a concrete purpose whether to exercise the cat, stimulate its smell or arouse its interest. We can see some toys that release food and others that have balls that move.

It is very important to take a day to make our cat understand the operation of the toy so you do not feel frustrated.

This type of toys are undoubtedly highly recommended since a mentally (and physically) stimulated cat usually has a higher level of well-being than one who does not play or feels unhelpful at home.

Toys with rope

Rope toys are definitely the most recommended for cats. In the YourCatCareguide we suggest that you make one with a small toy that has so that the cat is more attracted to catch it. We also advise you to look for a wider rope.

These types of toys are highly recommended since the cat plays and interacts with us.


Planning a circuit with toys is just great. Your cat will be entertained and will pass a good time, in addition it will be favoring the practice of passive exercise going through the circuit that prepared.

Including games of all kinds inside is a great idea to motivate you to use your new course.

Why is your presence so important?

Cats do not have fun playing alone, they are social animals , so it’s more important than sharing play with your cats . They would rather chase after you than find a house full of new toys.

You should dedicate some time daily to play with your cat whether using any of the toys mentioned above or simply a finger of yours. Watch and enjoy with your cat to get to know him better and motivate him in different ways in the game.

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