The best breeds of puppies for children

Children love dogs, and most dogs like children. In any case, some breeds of dogs fit better with the children, and some less.

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Therefore, in this article of YourCatCareguide we will show you the best breeds of puppies for children , as well as which ones are suitable for those children with a certain degree of hyperactivity, those who need a guard dog or those who are still babies.

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Puppies for hyperactive children

Overactive children need to expend energy and have a playmate. Undoubtedly, the two best breeds of puppies to have with children are the Labrador and the Beagle .

The Labrador has lots of energy, is active, loves to play and is very affectionate with children. Moreover, it is not aggressive and its patience and nobility is more than demonstrated. She likes to be in the family and will get the trust and affection of her son almost immediately. But remember that you need a home or a space where you can have fun and run, since they are dogs that need long walks and daily races.

The Beagle , in turn, would be the perfect breed for a smaller house, since it has the same attitude as the Labrador but is of a smaller size. Beagles are playful, hyperactive dogs and their unbridled energy will outweigh that of the child. In addition to being very active, they are characterized by being easy to train and very calm when they have already had their dose of daily activity. This will help your child relax after a long racing session.

Guard dogs for children

If we want the dog to babysit and not be so hyperactive, we will need a watchdog. Of all the available options that exist, Boxer and Collie are considered the best guard dogs for the little ones.

The Boxer is a very playful breed and what kids like, in fact, could be playing with them until the kids get tired. Although his playful personality is a very positive factor to take into account when choosing the best breed for our son, the truth is that the Boxer stands out for his protective instinct and vigilant, since they will not let anything nor no one approaches your child without warning beforehand. They protect their family and do not hesitate to be aggressive if necessary to take care of them.

In turn, the Collie is a very familiar breed of very large dog and with the protective instinct also quite developed, which makes it a perfect guard dog. If you have a large house or a space to take walks with him, you will be the perfect guard dog for your child because he is able to defend his and protect them from any danger whatsoever. In fact, it is not advisable to let strangers approach without warning because the Collie does not like this attitude very much.

Puppies for sale

If we want a specific dog for a newly born baby, we should look for other characteristics in them. They must be calm, peaceful, and very patient dogs , since the children will make all kind of jokes to him. In YourCatCareguide we consider that the best races for babies are the Saint Bernard and the German Shepherd.

The St. Bernard , although it seems very large and rough, is perhaps one of the quieter, peaceful, and good dogs. They are docile and protective dogs, which makes them easy to train and an authentic nanny who will take care of your little baby as well as you. His popularity as a companion dog is increasing, so it is likely that in a short time we know him as “the nanny dog”.

The German Shepherd is one of the most versatile breeds of dogs. They adapt to all sorts of situations, they are great companion animals and work animals, besides being obedient , easy to train and protective. They like babies, and because of their innate ease they have to be trained, they are very easy to teach to behave correctly with our baby and to protect him from all small dangers.

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