The best breeds of police dogs

The police dogs have always generated curiosity and wonder people. Canine sniffing has been and remains one of the most appreciated tools of the security forces, this is because, dogs are undoubtedly one of the best analysts anyone can have in their favor.

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In this Animal Expert article we talk about the different types of police dogs, the most common races that collaborate with law enforcement, as well as the reformed police dogs, the most sought-after veterans for adoption.

Keep reading and find out which are the best breeds of police dogs .

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Types of Police Dogs

Police forces around the world use dogs of various breeds to carry out their important work. Within the police tasks there are several jobs in which some races are more suitable than others. The 4 main areas in which the police intervention is distributed are the following:

  • Dogs of Intervention : Search for offenders, rescue of hostages, protection, anti-disturbances.
  • Detecting dogs : Border control, explosives, contraband.
  • Scientific police : Search of corpses, search for clues, rounds of recognition.
  • Rescue dogs : Avalanches, building collapses, screening.

Intervention dogs

Belgian shepherd malinois

Currently the experts point out the Belgian shepherd malinois as the best dog to carry out the police work in any of its facets. It is a powerful dog, athletic and with an incredible intelligence.

German Shepherd

The German shepherd also stands out, but limiting his acceptance to the lines of work, since the lines of beauty greatly distort the athletic abilities of the race producing in many cases the appearance of serious hereditary problems

Within the repressive functions, in addition to the previous races, doberman and rottweiler are also used by police around the world.

Detective dogs

In border controls and detection of prohibited substances, press the smell instead of the athletic capacity of the dog. The most commonly used dogs by this ability are:

Labrador retriever

It has an excellent sense of smell and is of great intelligence , which enables it to be fantastic for police detective tasks, among many others.


It is a dog with an extraordinary olfactory capacity and uninhibited character. It is very effective in controlling narcotics.


It’s a big nosed dog with a big nose, resembles the beagle, but it’s bigger.

Science Police Dogs

Dogs that are intended for the scientific police must possess a very keen sense of smell , a good athletic ability and great tenacity.

O bloodhound

Also known as the humberto santo dog, it is a dog with an exceptional nose and tenacity. It is a tracer dog par excellence. You can sniff out traces up to fifteen days old.

Short Haired Dutch Shepherd

This muscular dog is being increasingly incorporated into police duties. Does not support heat well. The long-haired Dutch shepherd does not have as many aptitudes.

Spanish Water Dog

This breed can develop very peculiar tasks. Detects drugs, poisoned baits (forest police), accompanies fishermen and the maritime police. He’s a smart dog.

Rescue Dogs

When catastrophes happen : earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, avalanches, etc., dogs are very intelligent, very strong and alert. The most used by the police and firefighters are:

German Shepherd

The pastor thanks to his intelligence, courage and learning ability is used a lot for rescue tasks.

Belgian Shepherd Dog Malinois

This breed has a very hard character and an inexhaustible strength. It’s very smart, maybe for this reason repeat this list of police dogs.

Giant Schnauzer

This dog has a very active temperament and needs a great job for the correct development of his ability. He is very intelligent and strong.

Reformed police dogs

He knew that in the United States, retiring police dogs receive a lifetime pension to meet all their needs and help their adoptive families to give them the best care possible.

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