The best pets for seniors

Companion pets bring a great deal of benefit to the elderly as they begin to notice the physical and psychological problems of their age. Having a pet of your own can help you improve your health while enriching your everyday life.

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Older people who have given up their responsibilities may feel alone or isolated. Having an animal responsible can help your self-esteem because of the great affection that is created with the animals, and can also help in cases of depression. In addition, they improve physical activity and socialization.

Before choosing pet animals for seniors, you should know what the future pet’s needs are and whether or not you will have the ability to take care of the pet completely. They must have empathy without being overwhelmed. Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article and know the best pets for the elderly .

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Birds are very suitable pet companions, especially for those people who have little mobilityand who can not care for a pet that needs more attention.

Listening to them singing, cleaning the cage and feeding them can make a person have a cheerful and fun companion by their side, so you will feel constantly accompanied . In addition, the singing of these animals is so beautiful that it will brighten the day only with the first rays of sun.

Although birds do not require a lot of space, remember that the larger your cage, the better you will live. Some of the birds that are easier to care for and recommended for the elderly are canaries , parakeets or calopsita .


Cats are ideal for those people who have little mobility and can not leave the house for a walk. Their care is basic , since they only need a litter box for their needs, a scraper, clean water and feed. In addition, they are very clean animals, taking care of themselves hygiene.

Domestic cats can spend long periods alone at home if they have food and water, so if you have to go to the doctor or be away all day, that will not be a problem for them. Remember that the ideal is to adopt an adult cat already castrated (adopting it for example in an animal shelter), this way you will have a calm cat and you have learned to make your needs in the right place.

More and more nursing homes accept that cats accompany their owners, so if it is necessary for the elderly to move to one, you can look for a place where you can continue to live with your feline companion.


Dogs are the most recommended companion animals for seniors. Due to their needs, they oblige their owners to go out, which improves their physical condition and socialize more . However, before choosing this option, you must take into account the physical capabilities of the person.

A dog needs to go out at least twice a day, so the owner must have enough mobility to carry it out. Also, dogs are very social animals, so they can not be alone for too long or they may develop behavioral and mood problems.

On the other hand, those people who have the ability to live with one, will be lucky to share their life with an animal that will give you unconditional affection and that will help reduce the chances of suffering diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis or hypertension, for example.

As with cats, it is preferable to adopt an adult dog . Puppies have too much energy and need more attention and care, so it may be too much for a senior. The ideal is to adopt dogs whose care is not very complicated, with short hair and strong and calm.

Remember that…

Regardless of whether it is a bird, a cat or a dog, all people need to have someone at their side who can care for the animal in the event of any unforeseen occurrence . It is very important to understand that, no matter how independent an animal, it can not spend more than a day or two without supervision and company.

In addition, it is also highly recommended to bet on adult or elderly animals , as they have a quieter and more amiable character.

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