The Best Pets for Children

The time has come when your children are begging you, every day and all the time, to have a pet at home. And although you may be considering it, it is normal to have some doubts as to whether it is good to have a pet at home or which pet is the most appropriate. The truth is that there is no better pet in particular, they are all different creatures, and the choice will depend on the personality of the child and the animal.

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Many parents do not know that having a pet at home can be very beneficial to the development of children, in fact, it helps to strengthen the immune system, develops good habits like responsibility and empathy, strengthens personality and improves mood.

If you can not decide if it is more appropriate to have a dog instead of a cat or a rabbit, then keep reading this YourCatCareguide article where we will advise you on which are the best pets for children .

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The dogs, unconditional and faithful friends

Puppies are always the first option to consider. Contrary to what one might think, large dogs are ideal for children, especially Labradors and Golden Retrievers. However, many small breeds such as the Boston Terrier or Poodle may be the perfect match for children between the ages of 3 and 5. Apart from these, adopted dogs are also the perfect match.

A puppy will be a pet that will always encourage your child to play and stay active, thus strengthening his personality. They are kind, affectionate and very protective. It will be your child’s accomplice in all the disasters of the house and, of course, they will create a very special bond.

Factors to take into account:

Although dogs are perfect for children, they are domestic animals that need greater care and attention . Keep in mind that it is likely that you will be caring for the dog, taking him for a walk and cleaning his feces. This typical promise of “Mommy I’ll take you for a walk and I’ll take care of him” usually works, but then it’s probably not so. Also, do not forget that a puppy while playing can get upset and fall on the child unintentionally. For this reason, you should never leave a pet and a small child out of your reach.

Cats, pesky and clever fellows

Cats are ideal for caring and pesky children , but at the same time enjoy their independence. They are comforting and soft animals that like to purr and to be petted, however often they move away from everything.

This type of pet is perfect if you want a furry friend for your child but know that you are not ready to take on all the emotional responsibility that comes with having a dog. It is also a good pet for shy children who prefer to play in the comfort of home.

Factors to take into account:

Cats need practically the same care every day as dogs, water, food and attention, but it is not as dramatic as in the case of dogs, one that cats are very clean animals and clean themselves daily (even in that they are very independent ). What you can not forget is to clean your litter box. Keep in mind also that cats can scratch during a joke, so it is crucial to teach your child to respect their space .

Rabbits, shy and adorable

Rabbits are perfect for quiet kids . They are intelligent and affectionate animals, very fond of being caressed and being in spaces where they can walk quietly in the ground without being nervous. Rabbits appreciate delicate caresses because their spine is very sensitive, so a rabbit is a good choice if you are teaching your little one about the care of another creature. These animals have become very popular with families because they do not need too much space and care is relatively simple, so they do not involve too much responsibility.

Factors to take into account:

Although rabbits are sociable, they take time to gain confidence , so be patient with them. Also, if your child is hyperactive and children who enjoy physical play, we recommend that you adopt another pet, such as a dog. The rabbit is a very delicate animal that can easily hurt itself.

Guinea pigs, friendly and curious

Guinea pigs are one of the best pet options for children because they are small and have a great personality , very vivacious and cheerful. Also, taking care of them and feeding them properly are very healthy and disease resistant. Although easily frightened by creating them in a safe environment, they gain a lot of confidence and character. They’re great for keeping kids at home.

Factors to take into account:

Guinea pigs are cold-weather animals and do not like heat and humidity , so we do not think it’s the best option if you live near the beach or in an arid climate. These adorable rodents need constant brushing and although they sleep in cottages, they like to play outdoors in an open space with lots of green.

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