The best mothers of the animal kingdom

In YourCatCareguide we already have our TOP with the best parents in the animal world, but what about mothers? Here we are, we decided to make a list of those that, according to our criteria, can be considered the best mothers of the animal kingdom , not only for the time they take their babies with them but also for everything they can do to make them come and how they act to preserve their future.

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Mothers are fucking sweetheart, but in the animal world, in addition to giving affection, mothers face other dangers and concerns, such as providing suitable baby food, keeping the nest safe from predators, or teaching the customs of their family.

The maternal instinct is one of the strongest, including humans, but with this interesting article she has discovered that the best mothers of the animal kingdom are able to do everything for their little ones.

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5. Spiders

The spiders of the Stegodyphus family , also known as armadillo spider, have a very particular behavior, so we decided to include it in the list of the best mothers of the animal kingdom.

This species of spider lays eggs along its spider web, pasting the cocoons in its nets and taking care of them until they exclude and that is when the thing becomes interesting. This dedicated mother begins by regurgitating food to feed her offspring, but after a month, spider babies already have venom in their jaws so they kill their mother and then eat them . The spider mother delivers herself completely to her children!

4. Orangutan

Primates are more like humans than many think and to prove it, we have the exemplary behavior of the orangutan moms. A female orangutan can give birth to a baby every 8 years, thus ensuring that the baby is well developed.

What makes these mothers on our list of the best mothers of the animal kingdom is their connection to their offspring , which for the first 2 years is so intense that they never separate from their babies, in fact, each night they prepare a special nest to sleep with your baby. It is estimated that throughout the childhood of the small orangutan their mothers have made at least 30,000 nests.

After this first period, it may take up to 5-7 years for the little ones to separate from their mothers and stop being dependent, and yet the female offspring remain in touch because they have to learn to be as good mothers as the rest.

3. Polar bear

Polar bear mothers could not miss our list of the best mothers of the animal kingdom, is that these impressive wild animals stop their young at the end of winter, yes, at the North Pole, so protecting the little teddy bears from the cold is a priority.

To do this, they build an ice shelter from which they do not leave during the first months of their young, feeding only on the basis of breast milk with a high concentration of fat. So far so good, the problem is that she can not feed herself and will only have fat reserves to survive and this implies a significant weight loss in the mothers during this time.

2. Crocodile

The truth is that a crocodile seems anything but cute, but to its young, this mother, with a jaw full of teeth, is the most comfortable that can exist in the world.

Crocodile females are experts at nesting near the banks of the rivers or the lakes where they live. In addition, they can make hotter or cooler nests to encourage the birth of the female or male offspring, and once they have established the nest where they lay their eggs, they protect it at all costs from any kind of threat.

As soon as the small babies are born, your mother will pick them up and change them into her mouth , a place where they will return steadily to transport and protect themselves during their first years of life.

1. Dust

When we explain to her all that the octopus mother does, it will not be surprising that she is in the top position of our count of the best mothers in the animal kingdom.

Although there is a species of octopus that is among the most poisonous animals in the world, the females of the octopuses work as true mothers courage to give security and food to their young.

For starters, octopuses can get anywhere from 50,000 to 200,000 eggs! It is a lot, but still, once put in a safe place, the octopus mothers watch over each and every one of the eggs. In addition to protecting them from predators, they are able to circulate streams of water to ensure sufficient oxygen reaches the litter.

As expected, taking care of 50,000 youngsters takes time, so octopus females do not feed or go out to hunt during this gestation period of their eggs. In some cases, when the forces no longer arrive, they are able to eat their own tentacles to withstand until the eggs eject and it is then that thousands of tiny octopuses come out of their eggs and as a rule, the octopus mother, already extremely weak finishes for dying.

We know that we leave out great mothers of the animal kingdom, like the mothers of elephants, but summing up, for the Animal Expert, these are the best mothers of the animal kingdom .

Do you agree with our list? Were you surprised by what you read? Do not hesitate to comment and tell us your opinion because you believe that another mother deserves to be on this list. The animal kingdom is truly fantastic!

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