The Best Watchdogs

Although in YourCatCareguide we do not like animals to be used as tools for work, the truth is that some people look for in their new pet specific and concrete qualities such as being a good watchdog. For example, if you live in a very large house and want to feel safe, you can enjoy watching your dog occasionally watch over the terrain and alert you to the arrival of a visitor.

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We advise you to educate your dog on surveillance if you wish, but never on the attack and defense, as the consequences could be very serious for some inexperienced and lacking advanced knowledge needed.

Keep reading this YourCatCareguide article and get to know the best guard dogs and the ideal functions in each case.

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Races to protect a house

The German Shepherd is an ideal dog to protect a house . They are very brave and loving with the family, even creating a very strong emotional bond with the people they live in. It is a dog very popular for its beauty, fidelity and affection.

Their great intelligence allows them to learn their functions quickly, as well as being calm dogsthat relate well to children. Although not trained for this, a German Shepherd will not hesitate to react to protect those he likes. You will have a great companion at your side.

The Bullmastiff is an impressive dog because of its size and appearance . Although surprising, it is a docile dog of easy coexistence with the family, including with small children. They are really sweet and kind.

It will alert you to the presence of any intruder , although it is not a threat to him, a very positive thing to take into account. However, your big head will help dissuade anyone who wants to go into the house.

In the face of a threatening situation, he will not hesitate to attack and overthrow anyone who considers him to attempt to attack him. He is very protective and faithful.

The Boxer is smaller than the two previous races, however it can reach at will the 30 kilos of weight. His character is truly enviable, he is known to be forever young, and even the old-age specimens often run and behave like children. It’s great to be with kids.

However, the Boxer is vigilant by nature. You will be alert to any movement and will not hesitate to try to sniff under the door to find out who it is. It also usually emits a few barks if you notice strange movements.

The Boxer is a very kind dog and this turns him into a “friendly” vigilante who would let in without problem any thief who dedicated a few words of affection. But this dog would not hesitate to defend himself if necessary. He’s very brave.

Guard dogs for large houses and properties

To guard a fenced property there is no better dog than this. The Fila Brasileiro is a very kind dog with people. However, it will be extremely fierce against intruders who intend to penetrate the property it protects, as it is a protective dog by nature.

In the seventeenth century it was used to control the slaves who tried to abandon the sugar plantations. The Fila, with its great and imposing size persecuted them and overthrew them, thus dissuading the other slaves.

The Fila is a very large dog and a peculiar characteristic of this breed is that they constantly watch the perimeter of the enclosure that surrounds the property. It is not something he must teach or compel to do, it comes by instinct proper to the nature of the Rank.

The Doberman is a dog that has an extraordinary sense of hearing . It is attentive to the smallest noise and presents itself in an instant before the source of the unusual sound. It is very obedient since it is one of the most intelligent dogs in the world.

For this very reason, your mental capacity, the Doberman is a dog that needs constant stimulation with games and physical activity. It is not at all recommended to simply stay in and out of the house. We must provide you with a life that fits your needs.

It is a very sensitive and kind dog as well as beautiful. In addition, the Doberman can be very ferocious with whom he considers threatening him or his family. We must be careful and teach him the basic commands of obedience.

The Rottweiler is a powerful dog of great size and strength . His powerful bite is well known and for sure an intruder will think twice before entering his home. He will not enter for sure even if he shows you his teeth.

It must be properly trained so you can distinguish a visitor and an intruder. Education will be fundamental and very important in this case.

Regular exercise and a good deal of affection to relate to a friendly person will also be crucial .

Dogs for livestock guarding

To save and manage sheep, the Border Collie is unparalleled. Its great intelligence and speed make it ideal for controlling, guiding and monitoring sheep herds.

They are not large size puppies, but their value and intelligence are great. This is the smartest dog there is. Do not hesitate to face wolves or other predators who threaten their flocks. It is the race that relates best to the humans with whom it collaborates.

It needs a lot of physical exercise and mental stimulation not to show nervous and stressful behavior. It is convenient to spend time with him teaching him various orders.

There are bogey cattle guard dogs, such as the Pyrenean Mastiff ( Mastiff of the Pyrenees), which watch over, but do not lead, cattle. It is the cattle that group around the dog so that it protects it from predators. Usually the breeds that perform these functions count on a large size.

A dog not well known in cattle surveillance is the Australian Cowboy . It is a dog of short stature, but one of the most courageous dogs there are. In addition, its strong bite alerts the other animals how they should behave.

He will not hesitate to follow your directions, he is very obedient but needs a great deal of daily exercise. It is not recommended to have it closed in a small apartment or not to interact with it enough.

Dogs used in borders

Dogs used to protect borders do not belong to any particular breed . They are dogs trained to detect narcotics and thus protect the health of citizens.

The key requirement is that they are very intelligent and learn to detect illegal entry of narcotic or explosive products. It is not any puppies that enjoys the skills necessary to become a puppy for guarding at borders.

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