The 10 best fathers of the animal kingdom

Nature is wise and the proof of this are these incredible parents who do even the impossible to guarantee the next generation. In YourCatCareguide we bring you this interesting list with the 10 most exemplary parents of the animal kingdom , discover who are the most protective of their offspring, those who expose their lives and those who sacrifice the most.

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Certainly you already know some of them, but perhaps you do not know the incredible parents who may be close to you. If you are a parent, you may notice many of these behaviors, since parenting is a condition that not only applies to humans. So, discover with us that to be a good father in the animal kingdom , does not always need big claws or be too big, let yourself be surprised and know the curiosities of these wonderful animals.

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1. Emperor Penguin

These incredible birds have to have a place in our list, is that the total delivery of parents of this species of penguins is a feature that made them very famous.

Emperor penguins give up food and protect a single egg throughout the relentless winter season. The females lay the eggs, but the incubator until they hatch are the parents.

2. Seahorses

With this father we had doubts, we believed that it should also take the first place! The males of seahorses are such good parents that they are the ones who get pregnant.

The female deposits the already fertilized eggs in a kind of bag that the males have to protect all the pups. The seahorse can carry up to 2,000 eggs with you for 10 days … Undoubtedly it is one of the best fathers of the animal kingdom and also one of the most exotic.

3. Monkey-owl

What makes the owl monkey a good father is that his work as a father never ends. Males not only help females, but also carry the babies during the nursing period and also share the care and hygiene tasks of the young.

The third place on our list of exemplary parents of the animal kingdom could be no other than the owl monkey .

4. Giant Water Beetle

They are not very pretty, but the truth is that males of this species of water beetles carry the eggs of their offspring in the back, since the female fertilizes them until they exclude.

The giant water beetle takes care of protecting its offspring, carrying on its back up to 150 eggs . No doubt he is a great father and deserves a place in our count of the animal kingdom.

5. Black-necked swan

The fifth place on our list of the best fathers of the anima kingdom goes to the black-necked swan. If you have ever seen these swans swimming in a lake and seen the hand taking their offspring on their backs and around them, we have something new for you, it was not the mother, it’s the father!

These species of swans take their babies to their backs to protect them from predators, cold and other dangers. The male is in charge of the task throughout the year, although his activity as a good father is more intense during the first few weeks of the small swans.

6. Lobo

Fierce and savage, but no family. Gray wolves, besides being one of the most faithful animals of the animal kingdom , are also exemplary parents. Not only does she care about feeding her mate after childbirth, she also takes care of the baby and her training on hunting and survival issues.

The wolf is a good father and a good couple and therefore occupies the sixth place on our list of the best fathers of the animal kingdom.

7. Red fox

Like the wolves, the red fox is an exemplary parent who, while not caring for the offspring themselves, takes care of their awareness for survival.

The male red fox takes care of feeding his family, mother and children, during the first three months. This wonderful father of the animal kingdom has to look for food every 4-6 hoursfor everyone and in addition, it is he who teaches the little foxes to hunt and to survive. r.

8. Bagre

Another exemplary father who “eats” his offspring. The amazing delivery of the parents of this species of fish is that they protect their chicks in their mouths until they reach 5 centimeters in length.

During all this time, the male of the catfish survives without eating food and so it is on our list of the best fathers of the animal kingdom.

9. Bullfrog

The bullfrog is an example of a father. It is certain that in this species the process of pregnancy is quite complicated for mothers, but once the eggs are fertilized are the parents who protect them in a very unique way: eat eggs !

The bull frog protects inside its mouth all its offspring that can be up to 6,000 and the best, or worse, of all is that when they are ready to come to the world, the male bullfrog “vomits” the their children turning them into small, happy tadpoles.

10. Craugastor Augusti

Yes, another frog. This is a frog that has become known all over the world for the noise it makes. In the case of parents, it is known that males are overly protective of the offspring and in extreme cases, this frog may even urinate on eggs if they are short of water to survive.

Getting livelihoods for your children to live at all costs, makes the peculiar frog close our listing of the best fathers of the animal kingdom.

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Did you like our list of the best fathers of the animal kingdom or do you believe that there is a father that we have forgotten? Leave your comment and share these articles to celebrate Father’s Day. In Animal Expert we know how important it is to be a good parent and the fantastic work these animals do during their lives can help us humans be better parents too.

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