The crabs of the Bering Sea

Documentaries have been issued for many years about fishing for the royal crab and other varieties of crabs in the Bering Sea.

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We can see in these documentaries the harsh working conditions of the brave and brave fishermen who practice one of the most dangerous professions in the world.

Continue reading this article from Animal Expert and discover the crabs of the Bering Sea .

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Red Real Crab

The red royal crab , Paralithodes camtschaticus, also known as Alaska’s giant crab is the main target of Alaska’s caranguejeira fleet.

It should be noted that this fishing is controlled under strict parameters. This is why it is sustainable fishing. Females and crabs that do not meet a minimum size are immediately returned to the sea. Fishing quotas are very restricted.

The red king crab has a shell 28 cm wide, and its long legs can be separated by 1.80 meters from one end to the other. This species of crab is the most valuable of all. Its natural color is a reddish hue.

Blue Royal Crab

The Blue Royal Crab is another valuable species that is fished in the Islands of St. Matthew and the Pribilof Islands. Its color is brown with blue reflections. Specimens weighing 8 kg were fished. Their tweezers are larger than those of other species. The blue crab is more delicatethan red, perhaps because it lives in very cold waters.

Snow crab

The snow crab is another specimen that is fished during the month of January in the Bering Sea. Its size is much smaller than the previous ones. Its fishing is very dangerous as it is made in the peak of the Arctic winter. All these fisheries are currently heavily regulated by the authorities.


The bairdi crab, or Tanner crab, has suffered in the past an overfishing that endangered its existence. Ten years of prohibition have achieved a full recovery of the population. Nowadays the prohibition of its fishing has already been lifted.

Gold Crab

The gold crab fishes in the Aleutian Islands. This is the smallest and most abundant species. Its shell has a golden orange tint.

Scarlet Royal Crab

The real scarlet crab is very sparse and very prized. Not to be confused with the scarlet hermit crab, proper of warm water.

The hair crab

The hair crab is a common species in other waters beyond the Bering Sea. It has great commercial importance.

Fishing arts

The fishing gear used for crab fishing are the coves or traps .

The coves are a kind of large metal cages, in which they put the bait (cod and other varieties), later to be thrown into the water and collected after 12 to 24 hours.

Each variety of crab is hauled with fishing gear and specific depths. Each species has its fishing season and quotas .

On some occasions the crab fishing boats face waves of up to 12 meters, and temperatures of -30ºC. Every year fishermen die in those icy waters.

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