The armadillo as a pet

The armadillos or Dasipódidos , scientific name, are animals that belong to the order Cingulata . They have the peculiar characteristic of having a strong carapace formed by bony plates, useful to be able to defend themselves from their natural predators and other dangers.

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They are animals that can be found throughout America, from North America to South America. Armadillos are well adapted since they already existed in the Pleistocene, when they shared the world with giant armadillos or glyptodonts , which measured almost 3 meters.

They are placental mammals that originate in America and are the only representatives of the Cingulata order that exists today. very fascinating animals that arouse people’s curiosity. In this Animal Expert article we explain to you if it is possible to have an armadillo as a pet .

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Is it cool to have an armadillo as a pet?

Having an armadillo as a pet is illegal . In order to have an armadillo in captivity it is necessary to have a special authorization, this authorization is not granted by any person, only the specialized entities that are dedicated to the care and conservation of this beautiful animal can give them.

One of the ways to be able to adopt a bequeathed armadillo, is to possess a zoo core certificate . Despite this, there are many countries where animal protection laws are very scarce or do not exist.

In Animal Expert we recommend you not to support this type of practice, since animals like the armadillo need a wild ecosystem to be able to subsist and have a better life.

Life expectancy of an armadillo

As with most animal species, armadillos can multiply their life expectancy in captivity. In the wild these are animals that can live on average 4 to 16 years , taking into account the different species of armadillos that exist.

Although one has all the time in the world, an armadillo in captivity requires specific care, which can only be fulfilled by a professional.

General Armadillo Care

The armadillo must dwell in places where the earth is aerated, to be able to dig. You shouldalso have fresh , shaded areas so the armadillo can cool your shell. They are animals that live in holes in the earth.

In captivity you must ensure that the armadillo can not leave your area of ​​care by digging an escape tunnel. The most favorable climate for the armadillos is the warm climate, they should never be in cold places or where the temperature does not descend much at night. Armadillos usually have their offspring in the spring.

Armadillos are animals that can eat roots, as well as insects and small amphibians. One of his favorite foods are ants. They carry several microorganisms which do not cause them any harm, such as some protozoa. This is a topic that can be dealt with with an expert veterinarian on exotic animals and that is why it is not anyone who can have one.

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