Animals laugh?

Animals are creatures whose presence only makes us feel better and happier because they have a very special energy and are almost always tender-hearted and kind.

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They always make us smile and laugh, but I always wondered if the opposite happens, that is, the animals laugh? Do you have the ability to draw a smile when you are happy?

That is why we investigate more about this fear and tell you already that the conclusions are very interesting. If you wonder if our wild friends can laugh, keep reading this Animal Expert article and you will have the answer.

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Life can be fun …

… and not only for humans, animals can also have a sense of humor. There are studies that say that many animals such as dogs, chimpanzees, gorillas, rats and even birds can laugh. Maybe they can not do it the same way we do, but there are signs that they emit sounds like the squeals, something similar to our laughter but at the same time different, to express when they are in a positive emotional state. In fact it is proven that some animals like very much when they tickle them.

The work that the experts have done for many years, is not only based on knowing the art of animal laughter, but also, to learn to identify and recognize every laugh within the wild. The primate family can laugh, but they emit sounds of gasps, grunts, screams and even ronrons. When we see our dogs breathing fast and intensely, it is not always because they are tired or have their breaths racing. A long sound of this kind could quite well be a smile and, it should be noted, it has properties that soothe the tension of other dogs.

Rodents also love to laugh. Experts and experts conducted tests in which tickling the nape of the neck or inviting them to play, rats make noises in the ultrasound range that scientists have deduced is the equivalent of human laughter.

What else do the scientists say?

According to a study published in a well-known American scientific journal, the neurological circuits that produce the laughter, have always been lodged in older regions of the brain, therefore, the animals can perfectly express joy through the sound of a laugh, but not they vocalize laughter in the same way that human beings do.

In conclusion, man is not the only animal capable of laughing and feeling happiness. It is already public knowledge that all mammals and also birds experience positive emotions, and although they do not show them with a smile because at the skeletal-corporal level they can not and that yes is a capacity of the human being, animals do it through other behaviors that translate into the same thing.

That is, the animals, have their very personal way of letting us know they are happy, like for example when dolphins jump out of water or the cats purr. All these are forms of emotional expression analogous to our smiles. Animals are surprising each day, they are emotionally much more complex creatures than we have thought so far.

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