The 9 Best Exercises for Lower Abdominals

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There is nothing better than having your whole body well toned and if there is an area that is very complicated are the lower abdominals.

Having the six pack dreamed is what we all want, but it requires a lot of effort, dedication and above all patience.

Having a month in the gym is not enough for you to score those lower abdominals that you love so much.

It's not about discouraging you, but that you know that more than a speed race it's about one of resistance.

Therefore we mentioned that patience is one of the virtues that you must have, you will see that with the passage of time you will start to mark the "squares" and you will be happy, having your abdominal muscles well defined allows you not only to have a good aesthetic but also to allow you to have less back pain (1) .

In the lower area of ​​the abdominals is where you tend to concentrate much of the fat That is why toning them can be very complicated and you need some very specific exercises so that you can start to mark without major problem.

But do not worry about it. If you are looking for some exercises to mark your lower abdominals here we are going to leave you a great selection so that you have several and so you can have a well complete routine.

In most of these exercises the legs (2 ) have a lot of incidence since in the lower abdomen is where the pressure is made and so you tone it.

But in a certain way it's a big 2 × 1 because your legs are also going to see benefited, you will harden them and they will look very smooth.

Just remember that when you do the exercises of the abdominal area is a whole. You must do a complete routine in which you work them all and in different angles. What you have to do is add these to the ones you have already been doing.

And before getting into the subject, I'd like to recommend that you equip yourself with a yoga mat that will help you lie down on the floor when you play. Remember that the mattresses that are usually in the gym can contain bacteria by perspiration that constantly absorb those who use them.

A traditional yoga mat will serve you and you can use it both at home and take it to the gym

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And if the abdominals are already under control but you want to know what are the best exercises to train other parts of the body go to:

The best exercises for the lower abs

1- Knees to the chin

Without a doubt one of the best exercises for lower abs that can be.

Laying on a hard surface. Preferably on the floor but with a non-stick towel. Raise your legs, bend your knees (3) until they almost stick to your chin. Apply strength to the abdomen and not to your neck to have the desired effect.

This is a very effective exercise for the entire abdominal area due to the pressure exerted in the area. You must do it in the right way so you do not hurt your back.

2- Legs on a sloping bench

It's similar to the previous exercise, only instead of lying on the floor you're going to do it on a inclined bench

With your hands you will grab the upper part of the bench and raise your legs and make a small contraction in the lower part of the belly.

3- Leg Raises

In a list of the best exercises for lower abs, leg lifts can not be missed.

Yes, and it is as simple as the name of this exercise sounds, because it is another of the basic but very effective. It is less demanding than the ones already mentioned above.

Lying on the ground, extended feet and then contracting them by bending the knees, which should not pass from the navel height.

Then slowly lower the legs, you can return to the initial position or to repeat the movement without placing the feet on the ground. So you create a pressure on the area of ​​the abdomen.

The arms you can have extended horizontally or vertically, as you feel more comfortable. Remember not to press on the neck, on the contrary you must be relaxed to avoid some contracture.

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4- Fixed bar leg lifts

With your hands you hold the bar with the body erect. Raise the legs, bending the knees and carry them as high as possible.

Ideally, they reach the chest.

If you are just beginning try to take it as high as possible, if it is not up to your chest do not worry about it. the passage of days you can achieve it. Remember to put pressure on the abdomen so that the muscles feel the demand.

This is a complex exercise, because your body is the weight itself. Start with few repetitions, because it is very demanding, with the passage of time you will increase them.

5- Hip lift with crossed leg

This exercise for the lower abdominal area should be done lying on the floor, preferably on a towel.

With the feet on the floor and the knees bent, cross the legs with the right foot on the left knee and then raise the hip. Repeat the movement with the opposite leg.

6- Heel tap

Lying on the floor. Flex your legs with your feet firmly on the floor. Contract one leg and then the other.

Hold both legs up two seconds and then lower, first one and then the other. The back should always be straight and the arms stretched out on the floor.

This is an ideal exercise for people who are just starting out. Because it is a very basic exercise, which does not require more physical effort, but when many repetitions are done will help you achieve the goal you expect.

7- Bicycle abdominals

Laying on the floor, with the trunk slightly raised and with hands over the never. Stretched legs, make the movement as if you were riding a bicycle, bending your knees. You can do it first with one leg, then with the other. When you already have a mastery of the movements you do both at the same time for a greater demand.

Remember that you must apply pressure on your abdomen and not on the neck. We make the clarification continuously because many people make that mistake and come the injuries and discomforts in that area, which are not very pleasant.

8- Mountain climber

It's like the previous exercise. But instead of lying on your back, you should be face down, as if you were doing some push-ups, with your hands on the floor and your arms well stretched, so they serve as support.

The legs should also be stretched, make The movement of riding a bicycle, bend the knees and bring them to the level of the navel. The other leg should be held firmly on the ground. Then do the movement with the other leg.

It is one of the most demanding exercises for this area because it needs a very good coordination and concentration to avoid any injury. Ideally, you start with very slow movements, when you have mastered it, do it with much more speed.

9- Scissors

Lying on the floor, with your legs stretched out, you make a small elevation. The legs should remain well stretched. Start to go down and up with a very slow pace. You can also cross them one above the other.

Remember, you should not bend your legs here. This is a great way to put pressure on the lower abdomen.

As you can see, most of these lower abdominal exercises can be performed at home. But it is always important that you have the advice of an expert, especially when you are starting so that you learn to do the movements in the right way.

Regarding the repetitions, it is best to start with a 10 (except the elevations in bar because it is very demanding). The series if you are starting do not exceed two.

Remember to combine these exercises so that you have the desired effect. It is not about doing the same every day, but you have to alternate them.

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If you want to see more exercises not only for sit-ups but for the rest of the body distributed by each muscle then enter our exercise database . [19659061] Take into account what you eat

We have already mentioned it in other post in which we mentioned exercises for different zones of the body.

Following a balanced and balanced diet is also very important to achieve toning in the lower abdominals.

That's why you might be interested in: Diet to define

If you want to have a six pack well marked, you must first have a flat stomach. Eliminate all the fat that accumulates in that area. First make a diet that allows you to get rid of it and then you can do your exercise routines, because otherwise what you do is waste your time.

From there you must follow a diet very low in fat so you do not lose your job in the gym. Caring very well what you eat is very important, since everything adds up to achieve the six pack you want so much.

Rest is not something you should underestimate when you do exercises to have your lower abs. You must do it between the days of training, so that your muscles have the regeneration you want and are ready for your next workout.

Over-training does as much damage as doing the exercises the wrong way. [19659002] Caring for posture is important, as is putting pressure in the right place. All these tips will allow you to achieve your goals faster, without feeling that you lose time in the gym.



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