The 10 animals in danger of extinction in the world

Do you know what it means to be in danger of extinction? More and more animals are in danger of extinction , and although this is a topic that has become popular in recent decades, many people today do not know what it really means, why motives happen and what animals are in this red list. No wonder we heard the news about some new animal species that fell into this category.

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According to official data about 5000 species are in this state, numbers that have aggravated of alarming form in the last 10 years. Today, the entire animal kingdom is on the alert, from mammals and amphibians to invertebrates.

If you are interested in this topic keep reading. In the Animal Expert we explain to you more in depth and we tell you which are the 10 animals with greater danger of extinction of the world .

Can anything simply be extinguished?

By definition the concept is very simple, a species that is in danger of extinction is an animal that is about to disappear or that there are very few inhabiting the planet. The complex here is not the term, but its causes and subsequent consequences.

Viewed from the scientific point of view, extinction is a natural phenomenon that has occurred since the beginning of time. Although it is true that some animals adapt better than others to new ecosystems, this constant competition finally translates into the disappearance of animal and plant species. However, the responsibility and influence that human beings have in these processes is increasing. The survival of hundreds of species is threatened by factors such as drastic changes in their ecosystems, excessive hunting, illegal traffic, habitat destruction, global warming and many others. All these produced and controlled by Man.

The consequences of the extinction of an animal can be very deep, in many cases, an irreversible damage to the health of the planet and of the human being itself. In nature everything is connected and connected, when a species is extinguished, an ecosystem is completely altered . Thus, we can lose biodiversity, the key element for the survival of life on Earth.


This super cat is almost extinct and for this very reason we started the list of endangered animals in the world with it. There are no longer four species of tiger, only five sub-species remain in Asia. Currently there are less than 3000 copies. The tiger is one of the most endangered animals in the world, it is hunted by its most valuable skin, eyes, bones and even organs. In the illegal market, all the skin of this majestic creature can get to cost $ 50,000. Hunting and the loss of habitation are the main reasons for its disappearance.

Leather turtle

Cataloged as the largest and strongest in the world , the leatherback turtle (also known as lute turtle) is able to swim practically all over the planet, from the tropics to the subpolar region. This long route is done in the search of a nest and then to provide food for their young. From the 80’s until now its population has fallen from 150,000 to 20,000.

Turtles often confuse plastic that floats in the ocean with food , causing them to die. They also lose their habitat due to the constant development of large hotels on the sea front, where they usually nest. It is one of the most alert species in the world.


In China, this amphibian has become popular as food to the point where there are almost none. The Andrias davidianus (scientific name) can get to measure up to two meters, which officially become the largest amphibian in the world . It is also threatened by the high levels of contamination of the forest streams of southwest and southern China, where they still live.

Amphibians are an important link in aquatic environments, since they are predators of large numbers of insects.

Elephant of Sumatra

This majestic animal is on the verge of extinction , being one of the most endangered species in the entire animal kingdom. Due to deforestation and uncontrolled hunting, it may be that in the next twenty years this species will no longer exist. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) “although the Sumatran elephant is protected by Indonesian legislation, 85% of its habitat is outside protected areas.”

Elephants have complex and narrow family systems, very similar to those of humans, they are animals with a very high degree of intelligence and sensitivity. There are currently less than 2,000 Sumatran elephants counted and this number continues to decline.

Little cow

The vaquita is a cetacean that lives in the Gulf of California, was discovered only in 1958 and less than 100 copies remain. It is the most critical species within the 129 species of marine mammals. Due to its impending extinction, conservation measures have been established, but the indiscriminate use of trawling does not allow the real advance of these new policies. This endangered animal is very enigmatic and timid, hardly coming to the surface, making it an easy prey to this type of massive practice (giant nets where they are cornered and mixed with other fish).


Saola is a “Bambi” (bovine) with spectacular spots on his face and long horns. Known as the “Asian unicorn” because it is very rare and almost never sighted, it lives in isolated areas between Vietnam and Laos.

This antelope lived quietly and solitary until discovered and now hunted illegally. In addition, it is threatened by the constant loss of its habitat, produced by the great thinning of trees. For being very exotic it has entered the list of the most wanted, and therefore, is one of the animals in greater danger of extinction in the world. It is estimated that only 500 copiesremain .

Polar Bear

This species has suffered all the consequences of climate change . One can already say that the polar bear is melting together with its environment. Their habitat is the Arctic and they depend on maintaining the polar ice caps to live and feed themselves. Since 2008, bears have been the first vertebrate species listed in the United States Species Endangered Species Act.

The polar bear is a beautiful and fascinating animal. Among many of its features are its skills as hunters and natural swimmers who can surf nonstop for more than a week. An interesting fact is that they are invisible to infrared cameras, only the nose, eyes and breath are visible to the camera.

Atlantic-North Atlantic whale

The most endangered whale species in the world . Scientific studies and animal organizations claim that there are fewer than 250 whales traveling across the Atlantic coasts. Although officially a protected species, its limited population remains threatened by commercial fishing. Whales are drowned after they remain wrapped in nets and ropes for long periods of time.

These marine giants can reach 5 meters and weigh up to 40 tons. It is known that its real threat began in the nineteenth century with indiscriminate hunting, reducing by 90% its population.

Monarch butterfly

The monarch butterfly is another case of beauty and magic that flies through the air. They are special among all butterflies because they are the only ones that perform the famous “monarch migration”. Known worldwide for one of the largest migrations in the entire animal kingdom. Every year, four generations of monarchs fly together over 4800 miles, from Nova Scotia to the woods of Mexico where they winter. Boot traveling in this!

During the last twenty years the monarch population has decreased by 90% . The serralha plant that serves as both food and nest, is being destroyed due to the increase of agricultural crops and the uncontrolled use of chemical pesticides.

Royal Eagle

Although there are several species of eagle, the royal eagle is the one that comes to mind when asked: if it could be a bird, what would you like to be? It is very popular, being already part of our collective imagination.

Their home is almost all planet Earth, but is very much sighted flying through the air of Japan, Africa, North America and Great Britain. Unfortunately in Europe, due to the reduction of its population, it is very difficult to observe this animal. The eagle has seen its natural habitat destroyed due to constant development and constant deforestation, which is why there are fewer and fewer of the 10 most endangered animals in the world .

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