The 10 Best Accessories to Train at Home

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When you decide to exercise at home there are 10 accessories you need to get fit.

They are tools that you can add up over time. The more you become passionate about fitness.

Not everyone is very good at going to gyms, there are even reasons for time that prevent it.

Therefore, more and more people they should exercise at home or decide with a group of friends to have a more private place and so be more at ease.

If for some time you have been thinking about this idea since Full Muscle Let's help you get it.

So you'll know how to invest your money very well.

With the list of accessories you need to get fit you can do cardiovascular exercises. Also strength as you will have in addition to your body weight some additional. If yours is to get some muscle or tone the one you have.

There are some that are cheaper than others.

But no doubt they can be acquired little by little and according to the needs you have. This is very important, so you can have everything you need.

 get fit
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Here are the 10 accessories you need to get fit:

1) Set of weights or dumbbells

If you want to tone your muscles, having a set of weights is very important.

They will come in different presentations so that you can increase your weight as you progress through your goals.

You can add them to any routine you want to do.

They will help you to tone your biceps and triceps a lot more. Also shoulders and back.

They will be of great help since are many exercises in which you can use them .

Even having a pair while running will allow you to work your arms more thoroughly. [19659002] You can get them at any sports store or specialize in the fitness world.

According to your reality, you can buy a low-weight kit.

But if you already have a path done, maybe it's time to think about a few kilos more. But as we said it depends a lot on the needs of everyone.

Another option you have is kettlebells. They come in different weights and can be added to endless exercises in which you will raise the difficulty.

With this you will avoid stagnation.

These usually come with more weights than conventional weights. That's why it depends on your need whether you buy them or not.

We recommend only one. And it is undoubtedly the best you'll get in the market:

2) Treadmill

This equipment is one of the basics if you are a person who wants to do a lot of cardiovascular exercise.

If you like to run but do not have a place to go, it is best to buy this machine.

You can count the kilometers, the calories you burn and more.

They are becoming more sophisticated for people to cheer up. to use them.

You have the challenge of not becoming the clothes rack of your room or grabbing a lot of dust.

It will help you a lot to get in shape.

Even for you to close your routine with a bit of cardio.

Each time they become more compact so that space is no longer so much problem.

If you want to burn fat, the treadmill will help you but for that you must play with intensity (1) with the one you do the exercise.

But EYE!

That running is not the most efficient way to lose weight .

In this case there is a lot of variety in brands and especially in prices. But there is not much difference, they all work basically the same and they fulfill the same functionality:

Make you run.

We recommend one of the best-selling for its value for money:

On Sale

3) Elliptical bike

If you want to not only burn fat but tone your legs and arms the elliptical is for you.

It will help you to work your body completely.

that each of the muscles of the body are used in the movement.

It is another of the basic equipments that you must have at home if you want to get fit.

You must make a commitment with yourself to use it and that you do not pass as many who end up packing.

It is a very valuable tool that you must take advantage of very well.

4) Mat or mat of yoga

The mats is very important that you have them for all the exercises you need s make on the floor.

Being a softer surface the joints will suffer less when you activate your body.

The ankles and knees will thank you very much.

The back will also be much more protected everything if you are going to do crunches with the best exercises to define and tone them.

The floor to be such a hard surface will damage much more and can even lead you to suffer some injury. That is why this accessory is very important.

It is available in any sports store.

And in amazon you will surely get the best brands like the one we have decided to recommend ourselves:

5) Elastic bands

The elastic bands (2) will help you a lot with the strength exercises especially in the lower train.

They come in sets so you have several at your disposal.

It is ideal for when you have to tone or recover the strength of a zone in specific.

This is a very good option if your budget is not enough for a set of dumbbells.

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6) Bars with several discs

As with the weights.

When buying a bar you must do it with several discs so that you add the weight with the step of the weeks

So you will not stagnate in your plan to get fit.

You can keep losing weight or your muscles can grow without problems.

The bar with discs will help you add difficulty to a dozen exercises. As you can find in our database with the best exercises organized by each muscle of the body.

If what you want is that your biceps and triceps increase considerably you should have a bar to any place .

7) Jump rope

Yes, jump rope (2). The same one you used when you were a child.

If you want to exercise at home, it will be very helpful. Tonify the entire lower train.

The legs are greatly benefited but also the burning of fat continues. Since it can be considered a cardiovascular exercise and also resistance.

You practically use the whole body when you jump rope. Although you think it is very simple, it will be very helpful. It is also very economical, so it is not much of a problem to have it.

You can find a lot of variety and its prices can be adjusted to any budget:

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Photo: Pixabay

8) Fitball

The fitball (2) is increasingly used in gyms to add difficulty to many exercises.

What started as a way to help patients recovering from injuries or in yoga. Now it is more common to see it in the fitness world.

Athletes use it to do sit-ups also squats variations like the Bulgarian.

There are many exercises in which you can add.

It's just about having a bit of imagination, but it is a very important element.

And it is a very accessible accessory that will allow you to access a lot of exercises to work both legs and abdomen.

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Photo: Pixabay

9) Step

The steps are ideal for carrying out exercises Cardiovascular cysts.

If you need to strengthen your calves, they will be very useful. Because you can do heel lifts on this platform in a much easier and safer way.

If you like doing bailotherapy or zumba this implement is very important.

The steps are very used. Although many believe they fell into disuse with the advent of the TRX or crossfit helps you add difficulty to many basic exercises.

If you get fit, keep your figure and tone your legs is what you want to achieve what you should have within your accessories.

On Sale

10) Appropriate clothing

By this we do not mean you should go to the store and buy the latest in sportswear.

But you do know that you must wear a type of clothing so that you can perform the exercises much more easily.

Of course, if it is within your means to buy clothes that, for example, absorb sweat, it is a good idea.

That way you will not feel sticky as you perform your routine.

For us at Full Muscle the theme of footwear is perhaps the most important to make it an ally for you.

For example, if yours is to be in the ca minadora the best thing is that you look for shoes that are specially designed to run.

So it can be much more padded and your footsteps will have a backrest to avoid injuries or the appearance of blisters.

And if yours is the room weights there are sports shoes intended for them as the Adidas powerlift:

On Sale

 get fit "width =" 499 "height =" 333 "srcset =" https: // fullmusculo .com / home / wp-content / uploads / 2018/01 / dumbbells-2465478_960_720.jpg 960w, 300w , 768w "sizes =" (max-width: 499px) 100vw, 499px
Photo: Pixabay [19659117] Another point is that if you are going to lift a lot of weights or bars, you should ideally wear gloves. This will protect your hands a little more.

Since it is a very prone area to get some blisters in the grip.

Also the glove will help you to have a better grip, much firmer. It can even protect you from accidents, since the sweat will not run and could lead to the bar slipping. So there is a security issue that should also be considered.

And if you do not have the budget to buy the accessories you need, it does not matter, because at home you can get objects that will help you perform the exercises. [19659121] Infographics: Fitness equipment in which it is worth investing our money.

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