Teaching the dog to walk together step by step

Dogs are incredible animals capable of learning a great diversity of orders to make us happy (and also receive some goodies in the meantime). Among the orders you can learn we find walking around us, very useful and beneficial if we want to get you loose in some places and not be in danger.

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In this article by YourCatCareguide we will offer you some advice to learn how to teach the dog to walk together step by step , using positive reinforcement as an essential tool.

Remember that positive reinforcement greatly improves the animal’s perception and learning speed.

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Steps to follow:

Before you begin, you should know that the fact that your dog is walking in front of you does not mean that it is dominant, simply that you want to enjoy the walk by sniffing and discovering new stimuli. Teaching the order that the dog walk next to you will be key to not running away on a walk, but that does not mean that you should take your dog next to you constantly, it should allow you to express yourself freely and enjoy as any animal would .

At YourCatCareguide we only use positive reinforcement , a technique recommended by professionals that allows us to quickly assimilate what we want to teach our dog. Let’s start the process by getting treats for dogs or snacks , if you are not within reach you can not use sausages. Cut them into small pieces.

Let him smell and offer you one , now we’re ready to go!

Now that you have tasted a delicacy that you like and motivates you, start your walk to begin with the training. Once the dog has done his / her needs, he / she will begin to educate him to walk next to him, for that the best thing is to look for a quiet and isolated zone.

Choose how you want to ask your dog to walk next to you, you can say “together”, “here”, “next to”, make sure you only choose a word that is not identical to another order not to be confused.

The process is very simple, take a treat, show it and call it with the chosen word: “Maggie together”.

When the dog approaches you to receive the treat, you must continue walking at least one meter with the delicacy and then you must give it. What he’s doing is trying to get the dog to walk next to us with a prize.

It will be fundamental to repeat this procedure regularly for the dog to assimilate and relate correctly. It is a very simple order that can be easily learned, the difficulty lies with us and the will we have to practice it.

Remember that not all dogs will learn as quickly as they order, and the time they spend teaching a dog to walk along will vary depending on age, predisposition, and stress. Positive reinforcement will help the dog assimilate this order better and faster.

Something that can also be useful in walking with your dog is to teach the dog to walk without a guide and teach an adult dog to walk with a guide , so enjoy and check our tips.

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