Teaching the dog not to climb on the sofa

When our dog is a puppy, we often let him sleep and play on the couch. As they grow and depending on their size, this habit can start to create conflict at home. Therefore, it is important that as a young person dedicate time to their education.

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But it is possible to educate your dog not to climb on the sofa. By setting some rules of behavior and being constant , you will get your dog to lie down quietly in your bed and leave the sofa for humans.

In this article by YourCatCareguide we will explain how to teach the dog not to climb on the sofaand remember that the better the relationship with your dog, the better and faster the results.

Decide if you can get on the couch or not

It is very important to decide whether to let him climb on the couch at some point or never. The dog’s education will depend a lot on that. If, as a rule, you do not let your dog climb on the couch but a family member always invites you to climb, this can confuse the dog. For this reason, it is important that the whole family that lives with the dog is responsible for setting limits and respecting them.

  • I do not want my dog ​​on the couch : If you do not want him to get on the couch, you should never let him do it. It is vital that you be constant and do not give up, even if at first you ignore it. Make no exceptions, tell him to go down whenever he tries to climb.
  • I want it to come up at times : You can educate your dog so that you just get on the couch when you invite him. It may be difficult at first but if it is constant you can achieve it. Do not do it during the training period, as it can confuse you a lot. Invite him once to get on the couch and send him out and back to your bed when you leave.
  • You can climb on the couch : If you allow your dog to lie down on the couch, watch movies together and fall asleep on your couch when you leave, it will allow you to climb whenever you want. For your dog the sofa is an area of ​​both. Therefore, your dog will not understand if when you have a visit at home do not let it go up.

    Do not suddenly want your dog to behave under rules he never knew. So it’s best to educate him on the couch only when you invite him.

If you let your dog climb onto the sofa, you should remember that after every walk you take with your dog you should clean your paws , especially if it is raining. You do not have to give him a soap bath every time, just regularly clean the dirt that accumulates on the legs.

How to prevent it from coming up when I’m at home

Do not let it rise at any point in your presence. If it is necessary to insist and do it several times, do it . It should be constant and keep the rules you define. Use words like “No” or “Down,” say them energetically and looking at them. You can reward it when downloading, but it is not recommended. Use this feature if your puppy is especially capricious with the sofa.

Each time you see him on the couch, tell him to go to your bed so he will realize that it is his sitting area and not the couch.

If some puppies have been raised from an early age so they can climb on the couch, then it becomes harder to make them understand that they can not. If your dog is adopted or comes from another home with these habits, be patient and take the time it takes to re-educate him. Never use violence, positive reinforcement is always more productive when you find it on your way.

  • Offer him his own bed : One of the reasons why they like to climb on the sofa is because it smells like us. In addition, usually when they are puppies we allow them to go up to our lap to be next to us. And do not forget the comfort, it’s always better a soft cushion than one on the ground, and they know that well.

If you put a dog bed next to the sofa , it will feel closer to you without feeling the need to climb on the sofa. If you can reach it by hand, better still, a touch of recognition the first few times you use the bed are perfect during your training.

Choose a good bed, comfortable for him and in which to sleep. Even though you do not sleep at night in this room, you may want to have your own place to watch it while you watch TV or read on the sofa.

When the dog is alone at home

He may have gotten him to not get on the couch in front of him, but when he comes home he finds him sleeping in it or coming down quickly when you enter the house. This is a problem that many owners have and is not easy to solve.

The only thing we can do is stop him physically . That is, placing objects such as a reclining chair or some plastic bags. So it will not be comfortable or pleasant for him to climb on the sofa. It is a measure that over time can be eliminated.

If the dog has his own bed in the same room and you have taught him not to climb in front of him, he will gradually stop climbing. There are sale repellents for couches and furniture that can help you but if you spend some time on your education you will not need to use them.

A different house, different rules

As you see, with a series of rules and constancy will get your dog respect the sofa. When your dog is educated it is very rewarding to spend time with him indoors. Set the rules and keep them always.

In the day to day of a house it can be a conflict the fact that your dog does not leave the sofa and become the owner of it. So the simple rule of not climbing on the sofa will improve your living together, avoiding discussions and conflicts at home. The whole family must participate in the education of the dog from the moment he comes home, whether puppy or an adult dog.

If you have decided that your dog may occasionally come up on the couch, use washable covers or covers and maintain proper hygiene after daily walks. Each home and each owner must decide how they want their dog to behave and what it allows them to do or not.

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