Teach your dog not to bite – Tips and recommendations

Puppies are tender, docile and curious animals. This is a very important phase of your life in which you must learn how to behave within the family. The sooner we investigate the patterns that improve their coexistence, the sooner we understand the behavior of this beautiful and noble animal.

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Among the things you should learn is important to teach your puppy not to bite or rather teach your puppy how to bite.

In this article of YourCatCareguide we will focus on the problems of your dog’s teeth and we will explain why and how to treat this situation.

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Why does our dog bite

Like the human being, the cub is born with teeth of milk that later substitutes for other definitive ones. This process usually lasts between 3 and 9 months of life of the animal and it is during this process that the dog has the need to bite . They are mild discomforts but sometimes they can cause them real pains, depending on each case.

In addition, the puppy can also bite for other reasons associated with its natural behavior and its own species. Sometimes it may be that we play with our hands a bit, but rest assured that this is normal, the dogs do it when they are puppies.

The process of socialization as the main tool

O cachorro deve começar o processo de socialização uma vez que receber as suas vacinas, pois é com o contato com outros cães de mais idade que aprenderá como se deve comportar em uma sociedade com outros cachorros e pessoas. A socialização é lenta mas trata-se, sem dúvida, de um processo muito importante na etapa de filhote uma vez que o seu futuro cachorro adulto vai se comportar de uma forma ou outra dependendo do que aprender agora.

Do not be afraid to relate your puppy to others of larger size, the important thing is that you know beforehand that it is a friendly, friendly dog ​​and that surely will not attack. Continuing a good socialization process helps our dog learn from other dogs about animal behavior , because who can teach them better than them?

Teach your puppy to bite properly

During the process of socialization and the lack of a natural mother we should be a reference for our dog’s behavior. For this reason, we recommend that you have a relaxed and calm attitude at home that does not jerk and always use positive reinforcement. This way we will get a healthy and happy dog.

In order for your dog to stop biting hands, shoes and other elements that you find at home it is vital to have several toys and teethers for it. You will find a wide variety of products with specific qualities available for sale.

  • It is essential that the puppy relates to bite these objects in a positive way and for this you should congratulate him with enthusiasm every time he finds him biting any of his toys.
  • If, on the other hand, we find our dog biting a piece of furniture, it should never be scolded, on the contrary: it should say “No” although the best option is undoubtedly to bring him one of his toys to realize that biting this is correct . Once you come back to bite your toys you must reward him.

This is not a short process, depending on the puppy’s intelligence, the repetitions and the positivity in the time to carry it out, our puppy will sooner or later relate what it is that it has or does not bite . The most important thing is to have patience and a lot of affection to offer to our new pet.

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