Teach your cat to sit

Cats are very intelligent animals that, like in the case of dogs, can teach tricks. With patience any cat can learn simple tricks . If your cat is young it may be easier but even an adult cat can perform the tricks with the proper motivation.

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It is a very gratifying experience that will unite you even more. You need to have patience to observe the results, but before long you will be seeing your cat’s new abilities.

In this article by YourCatCareguide we will explain how to teach your cat to sit , in a normal way and on his hind legs.

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How To Teach Cats Tricks

You should choose a time of day when the cat is active, not wake him up to learn how to do tricks. It must be a joke between you and the cat. You should perform several training sessions before your kitten understands what you are asking.

Always use the same order for the same trick, you can choose any word, but it should always be the same. “Sit” or “sit” are some of the options you can use for this order.

Use as a reward something that your cat likes, otherwise it will immediately lose interest. You can use cat snacks or some tin food. You can also use small pieces of chicken. The main thing is that your cat likes and catches your attention.

You can use a Clicker combined with the reward you choose. This allows instrument to emit a sound that your cat will associate with the reward.

Trick to sit

Teaching your cat to sit is the simplest trick he can teach you. It can teach you two variants of this trick.

Sitting :

The cat sits down and is quiet until you give it notice otherwise. It is the usual position of your cat to sit down. It is the simplest trick with which you can start training your cat.

Standing on his paws :

In this position the cat stands on its hind legs, lifting the front ones. You can start with the first trick, and when you master it, move on.

Teaching to sit on both hind legs

To teach your cat to sit on his two hind legs should follow these advice:

  1. Get the attention of your cat. You should be active and calm in an environment you know.
  2. Raise the reward above your cat without it being able to reach it.
  3. Say “Up” or “Up” or the word you choose.
  4. Do not let him reach the food and say “No” if you try to touch it with your paw or reach it with your mouth.
  5. Little by little, it will adapt your body position depending on the distance of the reward.
  6. When you stand still on your paws it is time to give it the reward.

It will take several sessions for your cat to understand what to do. The number of sessions is something that depends on cat to cat, some understand faster than others.

Remember that you must be patient and avoid shouting or scolding your cat. The time to teach you something new should be fun for both of you. If you get bored and lose interest during a session, you better leave it for another time.

Teaching to sit normally

Teaching the cat to sit is even easier than the previous trick . The position we want is more natural so your cat will sit when given the order.

The training sessions should be identical to the one described in the previous step. Use a different word “Senta”, “Down” or whatever you choose. There is no need for you to try various distances, the bottom line in this trick is that you do not try to get the reward. You should sit down and expect it to be you to give him the reward.

You can use this trick in many situations and little by little you can eliminate the rewards. Although it is always convenient to repeat a training session from time to time and reward it.

Be patient

Remember that each animal is unique, each one counts on its personality and character. Any cat can learn tricks but not all will take the same time.

You should be patient and calm , although your cat will understand everything quickly, you will need to repeat some training routinely. This will keep you motivated and will not stop doing the tricks after a while.

Do not get upset with your cat if he does not obey you, or if you get tired of training. He must understand his character and adapt to it a little. Stimulate it with your favorite food to train and you’ll see how your interest comes up again. Always use positive reinforcement.

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  • Do 10-minute workouts.
  • Always use positive reinforcement. Be patient and constant, you will surely be able to teach it.
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