Teach the dog to sleep on his walk step by step

Your dog’s favorite place in the whole house is his bed. No matter how much you buy him a ride even more enjoyable than yours, he insists on sleeping in your bed. The reason is simple: already let him sleep more than once and is a space that usually smells like his best human friend, so it is normal to always want to be there.

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How to teach the dog to sleep on his path ? The solution in theory is very easy, do not let him climb into bed under any circumstances. However, we often do not resist the charms of our dog and his irresistible look and let him sleep with us in our bed.

Teaching your dog to sleep in your bed is a process that can last for weeks. But if you are patient and stand firm, you will succeed and regain your space. Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article and learn how to teach your dog to sleep in his own bed.

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Steps to follow:

Before you start teaching your dog how to sleep on his bed, it is vital to think about this idea. That is, from the moment you start training, you must keep and follow the rules at all times, without exceptions.

If from time to time let him go up, he will want your bed to be your bed and when you ask him to get out of it, will only get him to be confused, which would be a problem in order to complete this process of education. The whole family should be aware of the new rules and should follow them strictly.

Count on a comfortable and pleasant bed for your dog. This should be your resting place where it can feel safe and comfortable. It should be large enough for your dog to be well. If the bed is too spacey, your puppy might feel uncomfortable and if it is too small, uncomfortable.

Never berate your dog when lying in your bed, if you do he will associate that being in your bed can lead to punishment. On the contrary, whenever you are there you should reinforce it positively with a prize, a caress or a kind word.


From now on, you will have to teach your dog to recognize the bed and encourage it to use it. You must choose a word that you will not modify , but you can also choose a phrase. For example, “let’s go to bed” or just “bed”. In the first few times, the only thing your dog has to do is look at it. Always direct your attention to this space and leave some goodies in bed to relate to something positive.

In the early days you should reward your dog with kind words, petting and more dog snacks just by being in your bed or going over it. At the exact moment you do, give her the treat and say “very well.” Try to get him to bed or to focus his attention on her and then give her a treat several times a day until she sees him moving forward. It is important never to force it , otherwise you can relate the bed in a negative way.

When you are teaching him, always have ready the bed and all the necessary goodies. Stir the bed a little, then lay it on the ground and watch your dog while you say the word “bed.” Stirring in bed will get your attention, as well as bring dynamism because you will think it is a game. When you put it on the ground encourage you to lie down or sit on it and then give it your prize.


Moving the bed to various places in the house , while doing the training, makes your dog focus more on the bed and not the place where it is. This will prevent, as a habit, your pet try to climb onto beds or sofas. If you do, do not rebuke him, guide him with a treat to your bed and offer it there.

You can teach your dog to lie down and tell him to do it in bed to understand that it is also a place to relax and that you want him to lie down there.

You should move the shed bed whenever you want. These places do not necessarily have to be at your side, at least at the end of the training, so you should try to make your dog a little more independent in its rest time.


After encouraging him to use his bed with treats, as he progresses, try to say the word he chooses and reduce the delivery of prizes , but not forgetting the verbal reinforcement.

Once he is on his bedside bedtime , if he sees that he wants to get out of bed to go to bed, tell him a firm “no” and take him back to his bed . Give her a treat to reinforce her good behavior or give her some caresses to fall asleep and relax. Remember to reinforce processes as often as necessary.

Remember that sometimes the dog will not want to use your bed, for example heat, in these cases should not reprimand him or avoid it.

During the day do not close the door . Your pet will feel that you can come and go from your room when you want and be close to you, without feeling isolated or rejected. At night you can think about closing the door. You will teach your dog that this is the time when everyone goes to bed. If your dog cries , take him with much love back to his path, offer him a nocturnal treat that is different from the previous ones, give him some caresses and go back to his bed.

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