Teach the dog to drop objects


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 Teaching the dog to drop objects

Teaching the dog to drop objects is a very useful exercise to train dogs, play with them and avoid the protection of resources. During this exercise, in addition to teaching your dog to release things, you will be teaching him to play at the tug of war or the ball depending on the rules.

Most coaches who compete in canine sports, enjoy the game to train their dogs. This is because food is an excellent reinforcer to train new behaviors, but generally does not provide the intense motivation that games offer.

In this article by YourCatCareguide we will explain how to teach the dog to drop objects and things of any kind like toys and balls.

Before we begin

The instinctive behaviors associated with hunting are the ones that make the most of their training because they can be channeled with relative ease. Among these behaviors, the most exploited are leading to capture . War tug games provide a simple way to simulate these predatory behaviors and therefore are of great use to give dogs more responses and intensities.

Another advantage of using games during training is that food ceases to be the only positive reinforcement possible. In this way, the variety of available behavioral reinforcements is increased and reinforcements capable of competing with some environmental distractions can be achieved. It will also depend on the dog feeling attracted to one type of game or another. Retrievers, for example, are often more motivated by catch-and-shoot games than by tug-of-war games.

In this article you will learn to teach your dog how to drop a toy with who is playing the tug-of-war, so he will teach the “loose” order while playing with his dog. However, before you begin you should take into account some rules to make the game useful and safe.

Rules for teaching the order “Loose”

  • Never take the toy by force : Especially if your dog has not yet learned, growls or does not seem to want to offer it, he should never take the ball out of his mouth by force. Firstly because it can hurt your teeth or can it hurt you. Secondly, your puppy will think he wants to take the toy from him and it will be harder to educate him.
  • Do not hide the toy : Your puppy should always have the toy to wear because the game is not about of who keeps the toy, but rather of having fun. Your dog should not have the feeling that he should protect his toy, but rather share it to have a good time. This is where the first signs of resource protection appear.
  • Your dog should not bite your hands or clothing : If your dog fails and touches you with your teeth, you should stop the game and change your environment or situation for a while. It is a way of teaching you that in the face of this behavior we will not continue to play with it.
  • Choosing a Place of Play : Playing with a ball in the house can be a bit risky for your furniture and decoration. It is advisable to determine a place where your dog can play quietly. In this way, it creates a state of deprivation that increases the motivation for the game. It can be said that in this way the dog is “hungry.”
 Teaching the dog to drop objects - Before you begin

How to teach the dog to drop objects

has in the mouth, will need a little more than indications and caresses. A tasty award like snacks for dogs, pieces of ham or a little ration may be your best allies. You should choose the prize based on what your puppy likes best.

Follow this walkthrough:

  1. Offer your dog the ball and let him play with it.
  2. Get your attention and say “Loose” while giving him a piece of food. the natural instinct of the dog will be to eat the food and release the ball.
  3. Take the ball and throw it again
  4. Repeat the procedure to release it for 5 or 10 minutes

This simple step by step will teach your dog to correctly relate the verbal indication “Loose” with the very act of leaving the ball. In addition, by returning the ball and continuing the game the dog will understand that you are not trying to steal it.

 Teaching the dog to drop objects - How to teach the dog to drop objects

The dog already understands the order

Once the dog has learned to drop objects, it is time to continue practicing so that this behavior is not forgotten or to begin to develop parallel behaviors. The ideal will be to practice every day obedience between 5 and 10 minutes reviewing all orders already learned including picking and dropping objects.

In addition, must be replaced with by congratulations and caresses. Varying the “prize” of the dog will allow us a good response whether we have food or not. It will also be useful to practice the same order in different places.

 Teaching the dog to release objects - The dog already understands the order

Common problems in teaching the order “Loose”

  • If your dog presents signs of aggression growls or suffers from resource protection (a dog that takes care of your things zealously), so we recommend that you consult a professional to advise you. At the outset, if you do not try to take the toy and perform the exercise correctly, nothing has to happen, but you would be risking your dog to bite you, either accidentally or intentionally.
  • The most frequent problem of this procedure is that dogs can be so stimulated by the game that they bite anything that lie ahead, even though these things are their hands or their clothes. In these cases it should avoid rebuking it . It will suffice to tell you a simple “No” and fail to participate in the game for a while. If you do not want to take these small risks, do not do the exercise.
  • If you do not feel comfortable practicing this exercise, do not do it. Exercise is tricky for many people who do not have experience in dressage, so do not feel bad if you do not do this exercise.
  • Although the idea of ​​exercise is that the game is rather shaky, be careful not to do very abrupt movements that can hurt your dog, especially if it is a puppy. It may hurt the muscles and vertebrae of your dog’s neck and back to move the toy violently violently while it bites you.
  • Do not practice this exercise with dogs that have bone or joint problems such as hip dysplasia or elbow.
  • If your dog is a molosso type, beware of intense play. Remember that it costs them to breathe properly and that they can suffer from a heat stroke if we join in intense exercise and warmth.
  • Do not practice exercise right after the dog has eaten or has ingested a large amount of water . Similarly, wait at least an hour to give you food or water in abundance after the game. It may give you some water to cool off after the game, but do not fill your entire container at one time because you may end up ingesting more air than water and this can lead to a gastric twist .


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