Teach the cat to use the toilet

Do you think teaching your cat to use the toilet is impossible? What is just a movie thing? So we have some good news for you: it is possible to teach your cat to use the toilet, yes. It is not easy, not fast and you will not get it in two days, but following our guide you can make your cat the most hygienic of your street.

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Before we begin, we want to clarify that it is much easier to get a trained cat to do it than one that has not been trained. Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article and learn how to teach your cat how to use the toilet .

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Steps to follow:

Put the litter box in the bathroom : The first thing you should do is take the cat litter box near the toilet. You have to get used to the cat to enter the bathroom, so nothing better than leaving your litter box there. The normal thing is that there are no problems at this stage. The cat will go to the bathroom to make his needs without problem and will not need more than two days of adaptation.

Put the highest box : There is a height problem between the litter box, which is at ground level, and the toilet that is higher. How to solve this? Educating little by little your cat will go up. One day he puts a book under the litter box, in another something a little louder than the book, and so on until the cat is habitually leaping to the height of the toilet.

Make sure the box is securely on top of what you put underneath, and may be magazines, pieces of wood or any other material. A bad or unstable position can cause the cat to jump, the box fell and our companion thinks “here do not jump more”. This would make the cat more afraid to climb into the litter box.


Approach the box of the toilet: You already have the litter box in the bathroom and at a height similar to that of the toilet, now you have to approach it. Approach it everyday a little more, remember that it is a gradual process, so you should push it a little bit more day after day. At the end, when you already have the box next to the toilet, you should put it on top. It is important to make sure there is no instability problem, otherwise it will leave the cat traumatized.

Reduce the level of sand: The cat is already doing his needs on top of the toilet, but in the box. Now you have to get used to the sand and the box, so you should get more and more sand. Little by little you should reduce the amount of sand until a small layer is less than 2 centimeters high.

Replace the box with a container: Now you have to change the mind of the cat. You must go from making your needs in the box to doing them directly in the toilet. There are different options to do this, from training boxes that are sold in the pet stores to a simple plastic container that you have at home. You can create your own box with a container that will put in the toilet and a sturdy paper that can support the weight of the cat under the lid. In addition, you can add some sand so the cat continues to have a souvenir from your litter box and relate it.

Make a hole in the paper and take out the container: When you have been habituated for a few days to do your needs in this container and paper, you must take it out and make a hole in the paper so that the feces begin to fall into the water. This phase can be complicated, but we must take it easy until the cat can do it in a comfortable way. When you see that it is comfortable, go widening the hole until there is practically nothing left. As you widen the hole size, you must remove the sand you are placing on the paper. Your cat has to get used to doing his needs without sand, so he should reduce it gradually. At this stage you should have been able to do it in the toilet, but there is still a need to reinforce this behavior.

Pull the discharge and reward your cat: Cats do not like to defecate or urinate on their own urine. Also, it is not hygienic to leave your needs in the toilet because its smell is quite strong. Therefore, you will have to pull the flush every time the cat uses the toilet, both for our hygiene and for this “mania” of the cats. To reinforce the behavior, you should give a prize to the cat every time you urinate or defecate in the toilet. This will make the cat think that it has done something good and that next time will do it again to receive its reward. And if you got here … congratulations! He got his cat to learn how to use the toilet. Was difficult? Do you have another method to do this? If so, then tell us what your method was.

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