Teach the cat to use the litter box

If it is the first time you are going to welcome a cat into your home you should become familiar with the fact that this animal is wilder than it may seem to be, as well as being captivating, it is also an excellent hunter.

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Usually the use of the litter box does not need a learning process but a process of maturation. From 4 weeks of age, the cat will begin to use the litter box instinctively since, because of its hunter nature, the cat needs to hide the smell of its feces in some way so that the possible “prey” does not your presence in the area.

However, this process does not always occur so simply, so in this article from YourCatCareguide we will explain how to teach a cat to use the litter box .

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Considerations to take into account

The type of sandbox and the location of it as well as the sand used are key to avoid any problem in using the litter box, let’s see how we can facilitate this process of the cat urinate and defecate in the right place:

  • The litter box should be large enough so that the cat can get around inside it, so it must also be deep enough so the sand does not come out.
  • If your cat is small, you should make sure that you can safely access the litter box.
  • You should not place the litter box near the cat’s food, but rather in a quiet place where the cat can have privacy and is also always accessible to your pet.
  • You should choose a suitable sand, do not recommend those that are scented.
  • The location of the litter box should be final.
  • You should remove the faeces daily and change all the sand once a week, but you should not clean the litter box with very strong cleaning products, this will make the cat does not want to approach.

My cat still does not use the litter box

Sometimes the innate tendency of the cat to use the litter box does not manifest, but this should not bother us, we can solve this using simple tricks:

  • Once we have located the litter box we should show it to our cat and move the sand by hand.
  • If the cat urinated or defecated out of his litter box but somewhere that is acceptable and meets the same location conditions as his box, a practical and easy solution is to change the litter box.
  • If the cat is going to evacuate or urinate in a place that is not suitable, you should take it gently and take it quickly to the litter box to associate that this is where it should do it.
  • In the first few days we should be less strict with the hygiene of the litter box so that the cat can easily detect the smell of its trace and go back to its box.
  • In the case of kittens that do not yet go to the litter box alone, you should put it inside the box when you wake up and after meals, picking up on your little paw and inviting you to dig.

Each time the cat uses the litter box we should use positive reinforcement rewarding for its good behavior .

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What if the cat continues without using the litter box?

In case you have used the advice we mentioned before and the cat continues without using the litter box and he is already over 4 weeks old (when he begins to develop his instinct), the best you can do is to check the veterinarian to perform a complete examination and to rule out the presence of any disease.

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