Teach an adult dog to walk with a guide

Do you share your home with an adult dog that does not know how to walk with a guide? This is a particularly common situation in cases of adopting adult puppies, since many of them did not have the necessary care and also did not go out for guided walking before. At times, other problems are added to this situation, as in the case of abused dogs, whose training may be more complex due to their reactions of fear and insecurity.

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In any case, daily walks are necessary for the balance and health of your pet. Therefore, in this article of YourCatCareguide we will explain how to teach an adult dog to walk with a guide .

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Habituation to accessories

To teach an adult dog to walk with a guide will mainly need love and patience , trying to make this learning a pleasant and pleasant learning for your dog. For incorporating new knowledge to be enjoyable it must also be progressive. In this sense, the first thing you need to do is to have your pet get used to the accessories that will accompany him during the tour: the leash and the guide .

First you should start with the collar, do not put it on without first having your dog smelling enough, then you can put it on and leave it with him a few days until you realize that it is no longer a strange element for your dog. Now it is the turn of the guide, and as with the collar, you must first let it smell and familiarize with its texture. We recommend that you use a non-stretch guide to make it easier to control at least during your first outings.

Do not lay the guide for the first few days, hold it with your hands only, and bring the dog’s guide closer for a few moments throughout the day.

Simulation of walks in the house

É imprescindível que simule vários passeios no interior de casa antes de levar o seu cachorro para fora dela. Para isso, deve conseguir que o seu cachorro se encontre calmo antes de lhe colocar a guia. Uma vez posta, caminhe firmemente ao seu lado, se ele a quiser tirar, pare até que ele pare também. Cada vez que lhe obedecer e se comportar como você deseja, é o momento de utilizar o reforço positivo para solidificar a aprendizagem. Para o reforço positivo pode usar vários métodos, pode ser o adestramento com clicker ou as guloseimas para cães.

When simulating tours inside your home, we recommend that a stopping point be the exit door. When you get there, you should always ask your dog to stop and reward you later, this will be the most effective way to get out on the street, your pet should not leave you first , because if so, he will try to mark the whole course , something that is not part of the dog’s tasks.

The first ride away from home

The first time you walk your adult dog out of the house it is imperative that he is calm before leaving. However, during the tour you may be restless and nervous , this is a normal response.

As for the way to direct and reward it should act as in previous situations in which we simulate the ride indoors. If the dog wants to remove the guide, it should stop until it stops too . Then it will be time to give him a reward.

It should happen the same when the dog urinates or defecates outside the home, the reward must be immediate to understand that the outside is the place where he should do his needs. For more details, you can refer to our article that explains how to educate a dog to make the needs out of the house .

As the responsible owner must carry plastic bags to remove the excrement from the soil.

What to do if the dog does not want to move?

This is a normal reaction in adult dogs that have been adopted and it is usually a fear situation, probably caused by stressful and traumatic situations that you have experienced before.

If you start teaching your adult dog to walk with a guide and if he does not want to walk, you should never force your dog out for a walk if you are in this state, as it would be a very unpleasant experience for him. What you should do in these situations is to excite your dog first. Encourage him with your voice (while holding him with the guide) so that he jumps and walks around you, then show him a ball and play with him until he is very excited.

Lastly, allow him to bite the ball and have it in his mouth to channel all this energy of excitement. In the end, you will see how the dog will be more predisposed to the ride and calm, this will be the ideal time to leave the house.

Lastly, allow him to bite the ball and have it in his mouth to channel all this energy of excitement. In the end, you will see how the dog will be more predisposed to the ride and calm, this will be the ideal time to leave the house.

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