Take the knots in long-haired cats

If you have a cat at home, you will know how important it is for him to sanitize his body and especially his hair, an activity in which cats invest a lot of time throughout the day. The results are usually visible because your cat is always clean and his fur is soft to the touch.

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There are short-haired cats and long-haired cats, and for both hygiene it is extremely important. However, the difference in hair makes this job more difficult for some than for others. Long-haired breeds, such as Persian or Himalayan, sometimes need some human help to get rid of knots forming in their hair .

That’s why in YourCatCareguide we want to teach you how to take knots in long -haired cats , so you have the tools and knowledge to help your feline in your hygiene routine.

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Why should we take the knots out of the felines?

Brushing the cat to eliminate the excess of hair they leave on furniture and other areas of the house is an activity that is relatively familiar to you, so eliminating the nodes of the cat’s hair will not be a complicated task.

You may be asked why you should take away or prevent the formation of knots in your cat’s hair, since apart from not being particularly beautiful, they can cause a skin sore when the cat pulls them when trying to get rid of the knot even irritating the skin. That is why it is so important to be aware of the state of the cat’s fur.

Where do knots form?

A cat that is not short-haired can have nodes anywhere on its body, although some areas that are difficult to access for the animal when it is hygienic are more likely to gain nodes. These zones are:

  • Armpits
  • Behind the ears
  • Behind the thighs

How to prevent us from forming?

Before eliminating these nuisances we formed into feline hair, it is best to learn to prevent them. Sometimes we even form in the semi-long hair, so the hygiene routine of his furry friend becomes insufficient. Now, if you want to prevent hair from getting embarrassed, try the following:

  • If your cat has long hair , you should brush it every day for 5 minutes. Do not worry, doing it is very easy and will eventually become a treat for him. Use a metal toothbrush and then a metal comb with round tips.
  • If your cat has semi-long or short hair , brush 1 to 3 times a week with a rubber comb.

Be short or long, when brushing the hair should do so by passing the thickness of it, to avoid that form internal nodes. Lift the upper layer of hair and brush the lower one, being careful not to hurt the cat’s skin. When finished, offer a prize to the cat for his good behavior. It is important to establish the routine of brushing since it is a puppy, so the cat gets used to it.

How to delete nodes?

If knots have already formed, you will have to remove them to prevent the cat from getting hurt.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Try to open the knuckles with your fingers carefully so as not to hurt the cat, to separate it as much as you can. It can soften the knot with a conditioned. Apply it and wait until dry to start untangling it.
  2. Try to untangle the knot with a comb of bristles close together, without pulling the hair. Start at the ends and advance upwards.
  3. Insert a pair of round scissors carefully between the knot and the skin to get it cut.
  4. Cut the knots you can, always with the tip of the scissors out. If too many, delete them in multiple sessions.
  5. Brush all the hair properly.

While performing this routine, you should remember:

  • Never pull your hair , this will hurt the cat and will not allow you to brush again.
  • Do not force the situation . If after a couple of knots the animal gets tired, let it go and continue the next day.
  • Be very careful when using the scissors , you do not want any accidents to happen.
  • Both the prevention and elimination routine is best performed on dry hair .
  • In extreme cases, the animal’s appearance may be necessary because of the large number of nodes. In this case you should let this work for the professionals.

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