Take away the fear of an abused dog

Unfortunately there are too many cases of animal abuse that leave major sequels in them. Abused dogs are often abandoned or taken away from their inferno with a report and need, more urgently than others, to find a new family that provides them with the love and affection they need to recover and be happy.

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When we adopt an ill-treated animal we must first focus on regaining self-esteem and eliminating its fears, and once we have succeeded, begin with dressage and orders.

It is normal for people not to take fear out of a battered dog, to lose patience and to abandon it again, and this further affects the self-esteem and mood of the animal. Given this, it is necessary to know that receiving a battered dog requires a lot of patience and dedication to help him, but the reward when it is achieved is extraordinary, as well as the bond that is created between the animal and the owner. If you decided to adopt an animal that has been through traumatic experiences, keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide in which we will give you some advice on how to take the fear out of an abused dog .

Symptoms of an Abused Dog

It is important, first of all, to know how to recognize the symptoms so that you can then take the fear out of an abused dog and educate him. The most characteristic symptoms are as follows:

  • He is excessively suspicious of people, when someone comes too far he runs away to hide or shows his teeth as a warning sign.
  • He usually has his tail between his legs.
  • You may have problems with socializing with other dogs.
  • He is very apathetic, does not want to play or do any physical exercise.
  • She hardly ever gets up from her bed.
  • He is very frightened when he sees certain current objects, such as a mop, newspaper or bottle. This may be because you may have been hurt sometimes with this type of objects.
  • He usually goes into hiding.
  • He suffers from great anxiety every time he is alone.

Educate an abused dog

If you follow these advice, little by little the dog will regain confidence and get rid of his fears until he can be a happy animal:

  • Before the animal gets home, it must prepare its own space to feel more secure somewhere. It must be a quiet place away from the busiest parts of the house.
  • Always use a gentle tone of voice that gives you confidence. Never hit him or make sudden movements, this will scare you.
  • Under any circumstances yell at him, it will only reinforce your fears and it will be like taking a step back.
  • Smile every time you go to him and give him affection and tranquility, the dogs understand non-verbal language and this will gradually gain confidence.
  • Go to him with gentle movements and lenses so as not to scare him.
  • Do not make him do anything he does not want, if he sees you too scared at some point let him stay in his own place to calm down.
  • Reward good behavior with cookies and caresses. It is a dog with low self-esteem and scolding it will only make it never recover, so it is important to practice positive reinforcement.
  • Take long walks to relax and release endorphins, which are the hormones responsible for happiness. It is preferable to do so with a long leash to feel free. If you let him go, you must do it in an enclosed space, for being so fearful you may try to escape if something scares you.
  • It is important that you have a very defined daily routine. Walk around and feed him at the same time.

What to do if you can not shake the fear

First of all do not lose hope and do not abandon it, remember that it is a dog that has experienced bad experiences and abandoning it will only make it worse. It needs understanding, patience and a lot of affection . If you feel that the situation is too big for you and you do not feel able to train it, you should consult a dog specialist who knows how to take the fears off a battered dog. The ethologist is undoubtedly the best professional for this.

It may be a long way, but with perseverance and support you will be able to regain the trust of the dog, who will thank you for a lifetime. The bond he will create with him will be unbreakable and will have the satisfaction of having made his friend happy.

If you have witnessed any kind of maltreatment of an animal of any kind, you can and should report it. Read our article on how to report maltreatment to animals .

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