Symptoms of guinea pig pregnant

Due to the precocity and ease with which the guinea pigs reproduce, it is not strange that their tutors have doubts about whether or not their guinea pig is pregnant. Therefore, in this article of YourCatCareguide we will explain how to know and what the symptoms of guinea pig pregnant . For this, we will describe the fundamental changes that will pass your little pig if you are pregnant, as well as the most important characteristics of this period. If you want to know if your little pig is pregnant, keep reading!

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Symptoms of pregnancy in guinea pig – behavior

If you adopt a guinea pig without knowing its past and not knowing if you had contact with males, you are sure to wonder if she is pregnant. If you watch closely you may see some behavioral changes such as being more impractical and hostile . In addition, it can prevent you from manipulating it, likes it less than you take it, and may even be less active than usual. In behavioral terms, you are unlikely to notice any other changes. On the other hand, the physical changes are more evident, which we will explain to you next.

How do you know if the little pig is pregnant?

As in any gestation, the mother’s body undergoes considerable changes in order to allow the development, birth, and subsequent rearing of newborns. If you want to know if your little pig is pregnant, you should note the following symptoms:

  • Increased thirst . From the beginning of gestation, you will realize that your little pig is drinking more water than usual. Therefore, you should always provide water in abundance, always clean and fresh.
  • Increased appetite . It is very important to increase the vitamin c intake and adjust the diet to the new needs of the pig. Ask your veterinarian for advice on exotic animals.
  • As the gestation progresses, you will notice that the belly of the Guinea pig grows in size. At first it may be difficult to notice, especially if it’s a chubby little pig.
  • If you weigh your piggy regularly, you will notice that it is constantly fattening and may be twice as heavy at the end of gestation.
  • In the weeks before giving birth, if you place your hands gently on her belly, you can feel the small movements that are of the chicks inside her belly.
  • Eventually your guinea pig will have the shape of a pear due to the increase in the size of her belly.
  • Her breasts also increase considerably in size.
  • Shortly before delivery, it is possible to feel one or two bones in the genital area. If you can feel the two bones, it means the birth is near.
  • The best way to get confirmation is by consulting a veterinarian who does an ultrasound scan.

How Long Does India’s Little Pig Get Pregnant

Now that you know how to identify if a guinea pig is pregnant, it’s important to know how long a guinea pig’s gestation lasts. This period can range from 56 to 74 days and in the birth can be born from 1 to 6 calves. As soon as they are born, guinea pigs can feed on their own, but for at least the first month of life they need breast milk. Read our full article on feeding guinea pigs .

On the other hand, it is important to note that from approximately 10 months of age, the bones of the pelvis of the guinea pigs are consolidated, maintaining a rigid structure that will prevent the vaginal deliveries. For this reason, you should never allow a female to mate if she is over one year old and you do not know if she has ever had puppies in her life. In these cases, sterilization is recommended.

Should I separate the piglet from the male from the pregnant female?

If you have a couple of guinea pigs, it is important to separate the male from the pregnant female before giving birthand above all afterwards, lest he bother mother and daughters, and because a female as soon as she gives birth to her cubs, she may return to mate and become pregnant. This is because, as soon as the puppies are born, the piglet becomes fertile again, so the male can try to mate with her right now. The piglet has a very great energetic burn during pregnancy and continues throughout the breastfeeding period. For this reason, a new pregnancy is not recommended immediately before it recovers. For this reason, it is important to separate the pups from the mother after finishing the nursing period. The males should be separated from the mother and the sisters, since they can claim sexual maturity very early, between 2 and 4 months. From that point on, they have continuous talks every 16-18 days.

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