Symptoms of miscarriage in a cat

The pregnancy of a cat is a delicate moment. It is normal for fears to arise and to be alarmed at any unusual signal. We are afraid of childbirth and we wonder if she can do it alone or if we have to help her and in the latter case, if we will do well. It is normal to have many doubts about pregnancy and if we know how to recognize an urgency to prevent the loss of babies.

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Any female, of any kind, can suffer an abortion during pregnancy, the important thing is to recognize the signs in time to avoid the consequences. Remember that our animals can not tell us what they feel, so it is our responsibility to interpret the signs. At YourCatCareguide we want to help you identify the symptoms of abortion in a cat , so that you can act in time and in the most effective way possible, preserving the lives of the little ones and their mother.

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During pregnancy of the cat

When we decide to face this new challenge with our cat, either by choice or by carelessness, we have several points to consider. Some of them are very specific such as the care they must receive and the proper feeding in this step so that the puppies are the best possible and come to the world healthy.

Others not so specific, but we must be prepared for the damages to be as light as possible, both for the small and the future mother. Let’s see next that complications can arise to identify them in time.

The Causes of Abortion in Cats

There are several causes that can make our cat abort, let’s differentiate them according to the period of their gestation :

  1. Initial stages : without signs, there is embryonic resorption and usually the owners do not even know she was pregnant. In general, there is no vulvar discharge (visual signal). It can be confused with a psychological pregnancy.
  2. Medium phase : or second half of pregnancy, it is considered after 30 days of copulation approximately and in the case of suffering an abortion will occur losses of blood or tissues that is usually difficult to see by the owner, since the cat eats normally and cleans everything to leave no trace.
  3. Final phase : very close to the delivery, we observe a normal behavior in the cat to make the nest to receive the puppies and a childbirth, sometimes normal, but the result are dead fetuses or pups.

In turn, we can differentiate causes in infectious (affecting mother, offspring and / or placenta), or non-infectious causes (genetic errors, previous treatments, wrong implantations, etc.). This type of differentiation will be done by the veterinarian to take care of our cat in the most suitable way possible.

Urgency symptoms

We should not be too obsessed with the subject, as abortion can often occur without presenting any symptoms and therefore we can not help our feline. Usually occurs within the first 4 weeks of pregnancy. In some cats the abortion can also be partial, lose part of the litter and lead to the remaining pregnancy successfully.

Whenever you notice any of these symptoms you should take it to a veterinarian to evaluate the situation and that of your puppies. Prevention is the best ally and in case of doubt you should consult a veterinarian to clarify the situation and take the necessary measures.s They can use both physical examination and serological tests and / or ultrasounds to determine the picture.

The warning symptoms that we can observe as owners of a pregnant cat are:

  • Generalized apathy or disinterest
  • Worsening of general condition
  • Weakness
  • Isolation
  • Lack of interest in the nest
  • Vaginal discharge (mucous, black or bloody)
  • Hemorrhages
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea and / or constipation

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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