5 Symptoms of a Bored Dog

The dogs are highly sociable companion animals, besides having a great intelligence, that is why we greatly reinforce the fact that they need a great deal of attention , affection and positive stimulation.

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A dog may become bored for a number of reasons, it is possible that he spends a lot of time at home, does not feel part of the family or that he needs major physical or mental challenges, which can be harmful to our pet and the environment that we share with him. How to know if your dog is in this situation? In this article of YourCatCareguide we show you 5 symptoms of a bored dog .

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1. Compulsive Behaviors

When a dog is bored he can not enjoy a full mental well-being so he may manifest some changes in behavior in order to be able to stimulate himself to keep his mind distracted.

Compulsive behavior, known as stereotypy , consists of repetitive motions without apparent purpose, although the dog really does carry them out to relax.

Although the most well-known compulsive behavior is chasing your own tail constantly, there are other stereotypies that can also affect a bored dog, such as licking yourself in excess. If the dog gets bored for much of the day, the stereotype may be the definitive sign that confirms the boredom and lack of mental stimulation or environmental enrichment it suffers. It would be highly recommended to have a specialist.

2. Destructive behaviors

Dogs need to be stimulated mentally and physically, otherwise boredom can also lead them to want to bite all the objects in the house and this usually happens especially in dogs that have a great energy and therefore also need a lot of physical exercise.

If your dog spends a lot of time alone at home and does not have the physical exercise he needs to feel good, it is quite possible that on his return he will encounter several debris. Very importantly, we must learn to differentiate the destructiveness of the separation-related disorders that are those that happen when the dog is alone.

3. Excessive heartbeats

A dog lacking in stimuli and motivation may show various behaviors that we may not have seen before. If your dog is upset you can manifest it with an excessive barking, which will consist of a demand for attention .

Although it is true that any change in the behavior of our pet should warn us, since behind it may not only be boredom but any other situation that should be dealt with urgently. Do not forget that if the dog barks when it is loose, it may also be a disorder related to separation.

4. Disobedience

This is a trait that can easily happen when a Siberian husky gets bored, although it does happen in all those races of independent character and great intelligence that in front of a repetitive training or lack of mental stimulation are bored. They demonstrate it with absolute disobedience.

Remember that challenges are important to your dog and that you should always train according to your individual characteristics and your own limitations. Try to offer varied games and new activities that help you enrich your day to day life.

5. Depression

Boredom can lead to depression in some dogs, which manifests with lethargy, sadness , tiredness and changes in appetite, among other symptoms.

Whenever a dog is shown below it is important to find out what causes this condition , it is possible that boredom is one of them, remember that a dog needs your time and for responsible adoption it is imperative to take this into account.

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