Strange things that dogs do

If you believe that humans are the only ones doing strange things then you never had a pet. But if you have a pet, then you’re sure to have seen your dog doing nonsense and no apparent logical explanation. Things that can be funny at times and that can make you laugh, and other things you keep wondering why you do them.

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Therefore, in this article of YourCatCareguide we will show you some strange things that dogs do , to know exactly what is the reason for these strange behaviors and understand why they act like this. If your pet also does strange things, share with us at the end of the article in the comments!

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My dog ​​fucks his paw when I scratch his belly

One of the strange things that dogs do is to quickly move their paws when they touch a particular spot on their most vulnerable part of their body, but in spite of what most people think, if your it scratches his belly, it’s not a sign that he likes what he’s doing to him, but that he ‘s bothering him .

This is because when you are tickling or tickling your dog, it is actually activating the nerves under your skin, such as when you have a parasite running through your hair or blowing the wind in your face, and this produces what knows as a reflection of scratching, which is nothing less than the action of stirring their legs in a hectic way to take away the uneasiness we are causing them.

So the next time you scratch your dog’s belly it will be best to do it carefully and if you start to move your paws, stop and change zone or decrease the intensity and start before caressing it gently to continue giving affection to the dog. your dog.

My dog ​​walks in circles before lying down on the bed

Other strange things dogs do is wander around in their bed or that place where they go to bed, and this behavior comes from their wild ancestors .

In the old days, the wild dogs that needed a place to sleep normally or did it in some place with vegetation and, to lower the herbs and to make sure that their nest was safe and had no insects or reptiles, circled circles and in the end, they lay down to sleep comfortably. Besides, walking on his “bed” showed the other dogs that this territory was already someone’s and so no other occupied it.

So do not be surprised when your dog goes around in circles before lying on the couch with his blankets or in his warm bed, because it is an old behavior still rooted in his brain and will not change, although now he does not need to make these “nests” to sleep.

My dog ​​takes the food to another place to eat

Carrying the food we just placed in your feeder and eating it elsewhere is another of the strange things dogs do, and in this case there are two theories to explain this behavior.

One of them says that this behavior comes, as in the previous case, from their wild ancestors, the wolves. When the wolves hunted a prey, the weaker specimens could choose a piece of meat and take it to another place to eat it, so that the alpha male and the larger labors would not take it away and eat in peace. This explains why domestic dogs have this behavior nowadays, although they are not in a pack of wolves , unconsciously for them we are their alpha male.

The other less-than-observed theory, since it does not happen in every dog ​​that uses them, says that the sound of nameplates or decorative collars may bother them by hitting their metal or plastic feeder and so carry their food to another place.

My dog ​​chases its tail

It has always been said that dogs pursuing their tail are either annoyed or have an obsessive-compulsive disorder that causes them to have this behavior, but as the studies progress, it has been discovered that this behavior can have its origin in a genetic, food or even a childhood problem .

At the genetic level, studies suggest that this behavior affects different generations of some races and even several litters, so it is inferred that this behavior affects more certain breeds and that many dogs have a genetic predisposition to do so.

Other studies have found that this behavior may be due to lack of vitamin C and B6 in the dog and, finally, others conclude that it may be due to an early separation of the puppy from the mother and that these dogs are more fearful and reserved with people.

We do not know exactly why they stalk their tail, but what we do know is that this is another of the strange things dogs do.

My dog ​​scratches the ground after evacuating

Another of the strange things that dogs do is scratch the ground after doing their needs. If on the one hand they do it to try to bury their waste, the truth is that thanks to the American Animal Hospital’s Association, now we also know that they do it to mark their territory .

The dogs have odorous glands on their paws, and when they finish evacuating, they scratch with their hind legs so that the pheromones in their bodies spread throughout the place and other dogs know who passed by. In addition to doing so to cover their desires, the dogs scratch the ground for a territorial and identifying issue, as when they smell one another.

My dog ​​eats grass.

Another of the strange things that dogs do is eat grass. Some do it to purge and thus relieve their digestive tract, so often the dogs vomit after they have eaten grass. Others eat it to satisfy their plant nutrient needs , but unfortunately nowadays the herb from the places where we walk our pets contains many external contaminants such as pesticides, other animal desires, etc … and is not too nutritious . And lastly, some dogs eat grass for pure pleasure and because they like their taste, so the next time you see your dog eating grass do not worry.

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