10 Strange Things That Cats Do

It can not be denied that cats are very special and interesting creatures, who can become the best companions of life, but at the same time have some behaviors that cause us curiosity and we certainly do not understand.

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The social interactions of cats and the way they express themselves may become a little strange, however, it is very own of these felines, which make them unique in the animal kingdom. Most of these behaviors are sweet and even funny. Are you a cat fanatic and would you like to know the reason why your cat loves sleeping inside a box? In YourCatCareguide we invite you to read the following article where we introduce you to 10 strange things that cats do .

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Rub your head on you.

This act is a time of connection that the cat is having with you. And of course, for a human being there is nothing sweeter than having a cat rubbing his head on his leg in sign of peace and affection. Your cat does this in an attempt to offer you your facial pheromones and demonstrate how much you trust. in his own way he is greeted with affection and saying that he feels safe by his side.

Spontaneous jumps

This behavior shows both the grandiose skill and agility of cats, as well as the spontaneous one that it can become. This to run desperately and jump on the couches and the beds, is nothing more nothing less than an exercise routine. It may surprise you why a cat can run up to 48 km per hour. If your cat does not leave the house, it is perfectly normal to drain your energy through these unexpected jumps. They are real athletes!

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Bring dead animals

You love your cat but do not like it very much when it brings a dead bird and leaves it at your feet, this being another of the strange things that cats do. According to experts in animal behavior this can be due to several reasons:

  1. You want to share your prey with you. Just as you share your home and food with him, so does he. Your cat recognizes that you are part of your family .
  2. He is grateful for the love he gives him and brings his prey as if it were a gift.
  3. It is as if it were a prize for himself before his hunt. It’s a trophy symbol that says, “Look what I got!”

Intense eyes

This is very typical. You turn your head because you feel that you stare at you and there is your dear cat staring and you do not know what you are thinking or how you will react in the next few seconds. Your cat does not want to hypnotize you to control your mind, you probably want to get your attention in a very intense way to give you food or attention.

Smell your face

Cats are curious by nature. They love to smell everything, especially their favorite objects, in this case their face. It is very strange this thing that makes you get close to your face and smell you, but at the same time it is lovely. It does not have a transcendental explanation, simply through the nose it knows and it recognizes you. If your cat smells your face, let it smell, it’s a positive behavior from him to you.

Rest in strange places

Cats are fascinating creatures, for them it is more interesting to sleep on the keyboard of your computer than on a delicious and cozy bed. No matter how uncomfortable or cold it may be: boxes , books, washbasins, showers, etc., it is very likely that more than once you will arrive and be deeply asleep in one of these places whenever you are around. But why? Just enjoy being close to your favorite person, you are their symbol of relaxation.

Your favorite place: your chest

We continue talking about affection. One of the favorite places for cats is resting on the human breast . No scientific reason for this feline fixation has yet been found; however, the hypothesis is more about the emotional factor. Your cat likes to be connected with you through the beats of your heart and the warmth of your chest. It is the place where you can feel more secure and protected.

Massage with paws

Your cat in another life has not been a baker, but it is very common to see cats in a very strange movement as if they were massaging things . According to a specialist and without much explanation, this behavior means that he is happy and happy and reminds the cat of when he was a baby and massaged his mother to take the milk. Usually this behavior comes accompanied by a strong purr .

Healthy fight against your feet

It’s a healthy attack game. When your cat seeks to fight with your feet it is because they want to play with you and your feet catch your attention, they can go from fast to slow in a second and vice versa. Also, jumping and attacking back is another of the strange things that cats do with the same reason. It’s all fun for them.

Strange sounds with teeth when seeing birds

Virtually all cats do this. They watch out the window, watching some birds flying outside. While this happens they usually make strange sounds with the teeth and the tail moves if it forms very active. This means that your cat is preparing and preventing for its next hunt, feeling and practicing some special and more effective bite to attack the birds and the rodents. It can be a clear signal of excitement, and if it can not get out it becomes a sign of frustration at not being able to reach its prey.

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