Strabismus in cats

Some cats may suffer from strabismus , this is an unusual condition but it often affects Siamese cats .

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This anomaly does not affect the feline’s good eyesight, give it a fun appearance, but it is a palpable example of the mediocre parental line. It is a warning to the breeder as future litters can suffer from more serious injuries if they insist on breeding with defective specimens.

Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article and discover the main causes and treatment of strabismus in cats .

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Types of strabismus

There are four basic types of strabismus, although they can be combined:

  • Esotropia
  • Exotropia
  • Hypertropia
  • Hipotropy

The affected with strabismus should be seen by a veterinarian , as he is the one who will evaluate if this strabismus affects the correct vision of the cat, or can have a normal life with him.

Usually cats affected by strabismus since birth have no vision problems. However, if a cat with normal vision suffers from an episode of strabismus, it should be taken to the veterinarian so that the cat evaluates the problem in the eyes of the cat and indicates a remedy.

Causes of Strabismus in Cats

Congenital strabismus

Congenital strabismus is when strabismus is birth , the product of a poor genealogical line. It is the most common cause of strabismus in cats. It does not usually cause bigger problems than simply aesthetic.

This type of strabismus can occur in all breeds of cats, but among Siamese cats it is usually occurring in a higher percentage.

Abnormal optic nerve

An alteration or malformation in the feline optic nerve may be the cause of your strabismus. If malformation is congenital, it is not very worrisome.

If the anomaly is acquired (the cat had normal eyesight), and suddenly the cat gets a strabismus view, he should take it immediately to the veterinarian.

An inflammation, infection, or trauma to the optic nerve may be the cause of the cat’s sudden strabismus. The veterinarian will diagnose the cause and recommend the most appropriate solution.

Extraocular muscles

Sometimes extraocular muscles are the cause of strabismus in cats. The congenital alteration or malformation of these muscles is not serious, since the animals are born that way and can follow a totally normal life.

As with the optic nerve, if there is a lesion or disease in the extraocular muscles of the feline, suddenly there is some type of strabismus, you should go to the veterinarian immediately to be examined and treated the cat. It may be necessary to have a cat surgery.

How do I know what type of strabismus my cat has?

The most common eye position in cats affected by congenital strabismus is convergent strabismus (esotropia). It happens when both eyes converge toward the center.

When the eyes converge towards the outside, it is called divergent strabismus (exotropia). Pugs puppies usually have this type of strabismus.

The dorsal strabismus (hipertropia) is when one eye or both, tend to become located upward, partially hiding the iris in the upper eyelid.

The vertical strabismus (hypotropia) is when one eye or both, is permanently deflected downward.

Treatment of strabismus in cats

In general, if the cat suffering from strabismus is in good health, the veterinarian will not advise us of any treatment. Although aesthetically appealing, cats suffering from strabismus can follow a totally normal and happy life.

The most serious cases, that is, those that happen due to acquired cause or that can not follow a natural rhythm of life should undergo a surgical treatment for a better quality of life. The specialist will determine if the case of your cat in particular needs a treatment and what steps you can take.

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest that you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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