Species of freshwater turtles

Thinking about adopting a turtle ? There are freshwater turtles around the world different and beautiful. We can find them in lakes, marshes and even in river beds, however, they are very popular pets especially among children by their simple care.

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Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article to find out about freshwater turtle species to find out which is the most convenient for you and your family.

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Red ear turtle

To begin with let’s talk about the red-eared turtle, although its scientific name is Trachemys scripta elegans. Its natural habitat is in Mexico and the United States, with Mississippi as its main home.

They are very popular as pets and the most common in retail outlets as it is found all over the world. They can reach 30 centimeters in length with females being larger than males.

His body is dark green and with some yellow pigmentation. However, their most prominent feature and by which they get their name is by having two red spots on the sides of the head .

The carapace of this type of turtle is slightly inclined, in its inferior part, until the inside of its body since it is a semi-aquatic turtle, that is to say, it can live in the water and the earth-

This is a semi-aquatic turtle. They are easy to see on the rivers of the southern United States, to be more specific on the Mississippi River.

Yellow ear turtle

Now it is the turn of the yellow-eared turtle , also called Trachemys scripta scripta. They are also turtles from the areas between Mexico and the United States and are not hard to find for sale.

This is called the yellow stripes that characterize it in the neck and the head, as well as in the ventral part of the carapace. The rest of your body has a dark brown color. They can reach 30 centimeters in length and like to spend long periods enjoying the sunlight.

This species adapts quite easily to domestic life, but if abandoned it can become an invasive species. For this reason, we must be very careful if we can no longer keep it, by ensuring that someone can accept it at home, we should never abandon a pet.

Tartaruga de Cumberland

Let’s finally talk about the Cumberland tortoise or Trachemys scripta troosti . It comes from the United States, more concrete from Tennessee and Kentucky.

Some scientists consider that it is the evolution of the hybrids between the two previous turtles. This species has a green shell with light , yellow and black spots . It can reach 21 cm in length.

The temperature of your terrarium should range between 25ºC and 30ºC and should have a direct contact with sunlight, since you will spend long moments enjoying it. It is an omnivorous turtle as it feeds on algae, fish, tadpoles or crayfish.

Pig-nose turtle

The pork nose turtle or Carettochelys insculpta comes from northern Australia and New Guinea. It has the soft shell and an unusual head.

They are animals that can reach an incredible 60 centimeters in length and can weigh up to 25 kilos. Due to their appearance they are very popular within the world of exotic pets.

They are practically aquatic since they only leave their environment for eggs. They are omnivorous turtles that feed on both plants and animal matter although they like Ficus fruits and leaves.

It is a turtle that can reach a considerable size, which is why we should have it in a large aquarium , in addition it should be alone since they have a tendency to bite if they feel stressed. We will avoid this problem by offering you quality food.

Spotted Turtle

The spotted turtle is also known as Clemmys guttata and is a semi-aquatic specimen measuring between 8 and 12 centimeters.

It is very pretty, has a black or blueish shell with small yellow spots that also extend through your skin. As in the previous cases, it is an omnivorous tortoise that lives in freshwater areas. It comes from the eastern United States as well as from Canada.

It is threatened in the wild since it suffers from the destruction of its habitat and the capture of illegal trafficking in animals. For this reason, if you decide to adopt a spotted turtle make sure it comes from breeders who comply with the necessary permissions and requirements. Do not feed the traffic once, among all, we can extinguish this wonderful species, the last of the Clemmys family .

Sternotherus carinatus

The Sternotherus carinatus is also from the United States and are unknown many aspects of their behavior or needs.

They are not especially large, measure only about 15 centimeters in length and are dark brown in color with black markings. In the carapace we found a small round protuberance, characteristic of this species.

They live practically in the water and like to mix in areas that offer a lot of vegetation where they feel safe and protected. Just like pig-nose turtles only go ashore for their eggs. It needs a spacious terrarium and practically full of water where you will feel comfortable.

A curious fact is that this tortoise when it feels threatened releases an unpleasant odorthat distances its possible predators.

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